Never Did He Ever Loved Me – Real Love Story

Never Did He Ever Loved Me – Real Love Story

So many years passed by and my Facebook relationship status is still single not because there has been no man in my life but because no guy made a committment. I always urged for someone who can just stand by me whenever I needed him in my life and can be extremely trustworthy to be fallen in love with. I waited and I tried but I failed always. This emotion reined through my veins and compelled me to beleive that true love always exists but maybe the heart always bet for someone who was actually never mine. The false hope gave rise to evil thoughts and could have made me cruel if I wouldn’t have got a slap from destiny.

‘Rahul’ a name that echoes in my heart even today but this time the name does not affect my strength and my personality. People always say that true love makes a person stronger and whenever I hear them I just raise my middle finger in the air and whisper “a great sarcasm.”

(3 years ago)

I just cannot believe that I proposed him. Rahul is someone whom I always wanted in my life. Peoplemay call it an attraction but for me it was true love. So what if we were intimate before I proposed him. I loved him and just cannot deny it. I stood still before him, eagerly waiting for his answer. I was not able to comprehend the expression on his face. He neither looked happy nor sad nor surprised nor angry. He just stood like a statue without conveying what he was thinking at that moment.

“Alisha,” said Rahul.

Finally he replied. I wished he would just say yes but still wasn’t confident about it.

“Alisha, I like you a lot but I don’t love you, I will agree I got attracted towards you but I can never see you as my girlfriend as you are just too imperfect. I am sorry I am saying this on your face but this is the reality.”

My jaws just dropped down that very moment. What did I just heard? It couldn’t be true. Yesterday we had spent a moment and he had expressed a lot and today he says that it was just an attraction. I couldn’t believe my ears as I trusted him more than that.

“But Rahul, yesterday all that had happened between us, don’t you think……”

“Oh common Alisha, don’t act dumb now. It just happened in a heat of moment and please just forget about it. It happens with most of the people and that doesn’t mean I will start falling in love with everyone. I never made any committment. I never asked you to love me. I never asked you to, just don’t compel me to speak further. If you thought that it was love then you are seriously a very dumb girl. I might have fallen in love with you if you wouldn’t have messed it up today. I just hate proposals. You should have given us some time. One night stand cannot make someone fall in love too soon.”

After hearing those bitter words from his mouth I got so angry I just bursted out harsher comments on him,” Look who’s talking, who falls in love with every woman any time. Who are you to call me dumb? Just look at yourself man. You call me imperfect right? Atleast I have some respect that you seem to be lacking. So, just cut it off and get lost from my life as Alisha can never love a guy who does not know how to respect a girl. I am happy the way I am.”

That was the very last time I had a conversation with him. We migth have exchanged stares but never exchanged any words. After the incident and rejection I went into depression for one year after which I just became like Rahul. I started spending time with my guy friends but failed to love anyone. I won’t regret saying that I still love the guy who I hate the most in this world. He is my real strength still my biggest weakness. Friends can obviously cheer us up but cannot fill the space of a lover. After all even I am a girl and I need a support system but this heart is not ready to beat for any other name. I will never quit as I know I am not weak but I will never fall in love with anyone else even if he never loved me like I loved him.

This is my real story friends. What is yours? Please share with us and we’ll publish it here.

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