List of Malayalam Actresses Without Makeup Photos

Malayalam Actresses without makeup photos

How many of you watch South Indian movies or have at least watched one movie? If you haven’t then seriously you’ve missed out a lot. People often rank Bollywood actresses without makeup highly and hardly know much South Indian actresses but after you’ll watch any actress from South Indian Film Industry you’ll seriously become her fan. The Malayalam actresses have very well maintained themselves and their beauty and portray the actual Indian beauty. If you still think I am wrong then just keep on scrolling down this post and by the end of this you will change your perspective.

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I am now going to highlight the top Malayalam actresses no makeup photos:


I’m sure you must be aware of Ananya even if you haven’t watched even her single film. She is one of the most popular Malaylam actresses without makeup. You want to see more Malayalam actresses no makeup photos then continue scrolling this post.


Asin is a very prominent Malayalam as well as Bollywood actress and has always been commendable on sets. Doesn’t she look gorgeous without makeup in the above picture? Keep scrolling down if you agree.

Ann Augustine

Ann Augustine has always been original and this is the reason why her face glows so much even without makeup. Won’t you agree too after looking at the above picture?

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What are your views about the picture of Bhama without makeup? The wet hair, Indian outfit, lipstick (in decent amount) is all that reflects the natural beauty of a Malayalam actress like Bhama.


If ever I think about the most beautiful and down to earth Malayalam actress then the first name that’ll strike my mind is Bhavana. Her innocence and beauty are witnessable in the above picture without makeup.

Meera Jasmin

Meera Jasmin’s smile just adds on to her exceptional and flawless beauty without makeup. She has been spotted without makeup most of the times and this is the reason she looks just so young.

Out of all the above, who is your favourite Malayalam actress without makeup? Please comment your views below and like the post if you are fan of any of the above actresses.

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