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30 Hairstyles for Indian Wedding (and Bridal) in 2020


Women in India who are looking to get married in 2020 should take a look at some of the appealing Indian bridal hairstyle photos and videos out there that show some of the finest cuts around. There are some attractive choices for women to look for as they get ready for their big days in 2020.

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  • Flower Accented Bun

Flower Accented Bun

A flower accented bun features a nice criss-cross look. It is one of the best Indian wedding hairstyles for medium hair for how it can keep the hair intact even when it has a good curve.

  • Curly Updo

Curly Updo

A curly updo would feature a style where the hair is positioned upward. It should have enough curls at the end appear at the top.

  • Ringlet Bun

Ringlet Bun

An important part of the ringlet bun comes from how it uses a closer cut style. This offers a bun with a slightly smaller look.

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  • Long Single Braid

Long Single Braid

A single braid is a popular choice for women with longer hair. This allows the hair to move with one braid going to the side. Enough hair elastic is needed for keeping the braid looking powerful.

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  • High Curls

High Curls

High curls appear a little closer to the scalp. They can appear around the entire hair to add an outstanding look all the way through.

  • Twisted Side Bun

Twisted Side Bun

The twisted side bun is better for long hair as it uses several weaves and bends to be supported right. A straightening iron would be used for the Indian bridal hairstyle step by step process.

  • Side Swept Curl

Side Swept Curl

A curl can be placed on the side with the other end being straight. This is to allow the hair to favor one part of the scalp, thus adding a fashionable appearance all around.

  • Ringlet Bun

Ringlet Bun

The ringlet bun produces a series of small ring-like shapes around the bun part. This is used best when enough parts of the hair are supported by a longer layout of hair for a good base.

  • Mermaid Braid

Mermaid Braid

A mermaid braid uses a single length that includes many long parts of hair strung up together in a carefully orchestrated layout. This adds a fish tail-like surface to the braid.

  • Center Parted Updo

Center Parted Updo

A center parted updo would involve the middle part of the front being parted outward to establish a fashionable layout. The back part will include a strong and detailed organization.

  • Center Parted Bun

Center Parted Bun

A bun can also be produced with a center part. This would use a fancy style with the hair moving backward with curves around its body to establish a classy appearance.

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  • Bouquet Bun

Bouquet Bun

A bouquet bun would entail a flat base for flowers to be added to the bun part. An Indian bridal hairstyle video can illustrate multiple steps for how the style can be produced with a good layout that adds a fancy floral arrangement.

  • Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids

The Dutch braid style uses a doubled braided style in the front. A juda can be added at the back part to create a bit of extra volume.

  • Messy Braid

Messy Braid

One of the best Indian wedding hairstyles for long hair is a choice that offers a messy layout. This would use uneven strands around the braided surface to make space look more detailed.

  • Center-Part Curls

Center Parted Curls

Curls can be parted in the middle of this style. The hair will have identical curls on both halves while the middle part has a slight curve all around.

  • Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Faux Bob

A shaggy bob organization is better among Indian bridal hairstyles for short hair. This would use a good uneven hair layout to add a comfortable tone all the way through.

  • Pull-Through Braid

Pull through braid

The middle part of this kind of braid offers a layout where a floral accent can be inserted straight through its body. This adds an intricate organization when used right.

  • Casual Straight

Casual Straight

A casual straight look will be great for women looking to have a fine style that is attractive and useful. This is best if it is evenly parted.

  • Senorita Bun

senorita bun

The senorita bun uses a braided with red roses added at the end. This is a top choice for Indian bridal hairstyles for short hair as it makes the hair look a little stronger.

  • Curly Fishtail Braid

Curl Fishtail

This braid is similar to the mermaid braid, but it also has a thicker layout and is made for women with longer or fuller hair with greater volume.

  • Loose Braid

Loose Braid

A braid does not have to be overly tight on one’s scalp. It could be planned with a light layout like with this option.

  • French Twist Bun

French Twist Bun

The French twist bun uses a mix of both braids and bun-style moves to create a detailed approach to one’s hairstyle. This can be used with a line of flowers along the top.

  • Flicked Ends

Flicked Ends

This next style uses a straight layout with curls at the end to create a flicked-out look. This adds a good frame around the bottom part of the hair.

  • Half-Up Curls

Half Up Curls

Curls can be made to go halfway up the hair on this style. The curls here would move up evenly and add a casual tone if used well enough.

  • Side-Bun Braid

Side Bun Braid

Another combination Indian wedding style, the braids are used to form a bun shape and create a nice border. Hair extensions might be needed for this one.

  • Messy Side Bun

Messy Side Bun

The messy side bun layout uses a fun look with enough hair covering over the bun itself.

  • Blow-Dried Curls

Blow-Dried Curls

Blow-drying is needed for this medium or long-length style to add curls that flow along the sides of the face to add a striking look.

  • Traditional With Veil

Traditional With Veil

A traditional style can come with a nice braid that moves back to allow the hair to part backward. This could be covered with a slight veil to keep the hair from being far too visible in this case.

  • Lengthy Down-Do

Lengthy Down-Do

A bouffant effect could work in the middle of the hairstyle here. It would use longer curves on the sides as well. But the main bun surface should create a dynamic appearance if used right.

  • High-Volume Long Hairstyle

High-Volume Long Hairstyle

The last choice for an Indian wedding is this style that focuses on a longer layout all the way through. This would be best if there is a high amount of volume as it would create a better flow without having to add any curls or braids.