What should be the Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth

hair care routine for hair growth

Busy in the humdrum of life and work, you often overlook yourself. However, a Haircare routine for hair growth is as important as your skincare regime or workout routine.

Finding a daily hair care routine for hair growth can be a daunting process, but you will rarely stray once you find out what suits your hair.

We have tried to break down essential hair care components to enable you to find the Best hair care regimen for hair growth.

What is the secret of hair growth?

Your hair growth rate depends on your genes. They also determine your hair texture and thickness of individual strands.

What should be the Weekly hair care routine for hair growth?

Just like a weekly face mask is important for healthy skin similarly, a weekly DIY hair mask is needed to keep your hair healthy. Incorporate a deep conditioning hair mask or leave-in conditioner in your weekly hair care routine for hair growth.

How can I have thicker hair?

The thickness of your hair is mainly determined by your genes. However, it also depends on the protein content or keratin component of your hair, which forms the main building block of your hair. So take in an ideal amount of protein in your diet. You can also use DIY hair mask for hair fall control and make your hair healthy and thick.

How should I tie my hair to sleep for hair growth?

A Night hair care routine for hair growth is important as well. Before going to bed, use a wide-toothed comb and tie your hair in a loose braid. Avoid using metal or rubber ties, and instead, use a soft and silky hair wrap and do not tie your too tight, or it will lead to breakage.

Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth

  1. Good Old Oiling

Regular oiling nourishes your hair with vitamins and fats and locks in moisture, preventing your hair from dryness and damage.

  1. Detox your Scalp

A deep scalp detox dandruff and scabbing and also stimulate your hair follicles for hair growth.

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  1. Get a Haircut every Six Months

An effective method among hair fall control remedies is to get a trim every six months. Trimmed ends are less prone to damage and form split ends which make your hair brittle.

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  1. Do not Comb your Hair when Wet

Do not comb your hair when wet, as it will lead to hair breakage. Hair, when wet, is the weakest and more vulnerable to breakage, so avoid combing wet hair.

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  1. Do not Use Hot Tools

Hot styling tools suck away moisture from your hair which makes it dry and brittle. Excessive heat also damages the hair follicles, so avoid using hot hair tools.

  1. Ditch Normal Elastics

The first step for how to take care of hair daily is to ditch the normal elastics and hair ties. Elastics cut into the hair shaft and cause fraying and damage. Pulling your hair back too tight may even cause loss of hair from the roots. Use a cloth hair tie or head wraps instead.

  1. Regular Washing

Dry hair requires to be washed less often than oily, sticky hair. Washing your hair helps clean your hair and scalp of pollutants, dirt, and product build-up and unblock your hair follicles.

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  1. Avoid Hair Color and Die

Hair color and dyes are usually loaded with chemicals and bleaching products that can damage your hair and lead to hair shedding, hampers hair growth.

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  1. Healthy Diet

The best hair care routine for hair growth is to follow a healthy diet. If you are nourished within, it will reflect on the outside. Make sure you take in enough proteins, vitamins, and minerals in your diet to encourage healthy hair growth. Include green leafy vegetables, eggs, nuts, whole-grain cereal, fruits, and others in your daily diet.

Figure out what is best for your hair and follow a 7 days hair care routine and see the difference for yourself.

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