Get Rid Of Sun Tan Without Wasting Hours In Beauty Salons

Get Rid Of Sun Tan Without Wasting Hours In Beauty Salons 6

People take several precautions to prevent themselves from the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun. They apply sun protection lotion multiple times a day, carry umbrellas, avoid walking in the sun, etc, just to preserve their original tone of the skin. Despite so much of efforts, those radiations manage to find an area of skin to darken. When it gets too much out of control, you prefer visiting parlours and wasting time as well as money. Most of the times, even the beauty salons fail to remove all the sun tan from your skin.

Now to get perfect results without much investment and at the comfort of your home, just try out any of the below home-remedies:


Lemon is one of the best sources to remove tan from almost all the areas of your skin like underarms, face, legs, arms, neck, shoulders, etc. It is a rich source of Vitamin C and it provides quick results. Just squeeze it on the affected areas and take shower after thirty minutes or whenever its juice dries out. You will witness the change in your skin complexion within 15 days.

Boiled Potato

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Potato is a rich source of starch and curbs tanning effectively. Just smash boiled potatoes and apply the paste on the affected parts regularly and see the magic. To acquire quick results you can add two or three spoons of lemon juice in the paste. This dried potato paste peels out the tanned portions slowly and smoothly.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a most preferable home remedy to get rid of tan. It also provides good essence besides removing tan from your skin. You are free to rub pure aloe vera leaves on your skin but if you are uncomfortable with it, you can opt for aloe vera gel. You might feel a little bit of irritation when you apply it but the results obtained are much better than the ones you get after spending hours in parlour.


In most of the Indian marriages, people apply turmeric paste on the face of the bride and the groom which is popularly known as ‘Haldi Rasam.’ Have you ever tried to wonder why do they perform these things before marriage? The reason behind this is that turmeric pulls out tan or dust particles from the skin and makes it fairer and smoother. But you seriously don’t have to wait for marriage to apply turmeric right? So just take a little bit of turmeric powder and add rose water to it for obtaining a fine paste. Apply this on your skin and wait for 10-15 days for better results.

If you are too stressed out about skin tan then you must definitely try out these home remedies. Do not forget to share your personal experience after gaining the desirable outputs.

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