INSPIRATION : 300 Pounds weight loss journey

Gary Hall was majorly dealing with depression which led to his weight gain issues. He remembers he used to think

‘Who cares? I’m fine just the way I am,”

He says.

“I was a 520-pound man who never wanted to leave the house.”

Quickly, Hall who is now 38 changed his mindset

INSPIRATION : 300 Pounds weight loss journey 1
INSPIRATION: 300 Pounds weight loss journey

“At this point, I felt like I’d let my wife and kids down, and the people who’d been pushing me to get back into the field. That’s what flicked the light for me.”

And thus began his weight loss journey of shedding 300 pounds. At one time, the man weighed more than 500 pounds. Recollecting about the same he shares

“I would say a combination of depression and bullying. As I got older, kids started to make fun of me for my size, which previously I’d never thought of and I began not wanting to go outside as much. I started to quit playing sports and that’s where the depression began to settle in. As the depression, manifested I started to give up. By the time I got into high school, I had a chip on my shoulder and this caused me to be withdrawn from other students”.

Talking about how he began, the man shares

“I was all over the place. I didn’t know what to do or where to start, so I failed with the fad diets and with going cold turkey. Eventually, I wound up talking to a guy at my local Planet Fitness and he explained the nutrition side of things in a way I could understand. I began to use protein with casein to cut the cravings. After my appetite was under control, I went whey protein and began to introduce vitamins into my daily routine. Then I replaced the massive amounts of soda I was drinking with BCAA’s. I also began to focus on lower carb meals and mixed cardio in with weight training”.

Talking about his entire weight loss journey the man shares

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“The whole process took me a couple of years, and in total, I’ve lost 300 pounds. I feel amazing. I love being outside. I’m no longer diabetic. My cholesterol is normal, and so is my blood pressure. I’m much happier going out in public. I’m able to go on rides with my kids, and I have so much more energy. I no longer take any medications, and when the depression or anxiety do come on, they’re a lot easier to control. People really began to notice after I lost the first 50 pounds. Everyone was pretty shocked, and they still are”.

Regarding his future goals in life, the man shares

“After several life changes—work hours changing, family medical issues, money—I struggled to stay on the path of health and fell off for a month, but this journey has taught me I can do it. I just need to plan and execute. So, I’ve gotten back on track and set up some new goals, like taking my kids hiking, losing the extra weight I gained (about 20 pounds) and eventually participating in larger charity bike/walk events”.



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INSPIRATION : 300 Pounds weight loss journey 3
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