Diet and Workout Plan of Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut workout

Have you ever tried to compare Kangana’s present and 10 years back pictures? If yes, then will you be able to spot out any difference in her figure over the past 10 years? Exactly, Kangana has neither gained nor lost much noticeable weight. Her figure is the same as it was a few years back. Besides being slim, she is fit, fair and of course beautiful.

In her recent movie, Manikarnika, she has attracted a huge audience with her dynamic performance and out of the box looks. Do you wish to know the secret behind this? It is the workout plan of Kangana. So, let us have a look at the Kangana weight loss plan.

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Kangana Ranaut workout

Kangana Ranaut Workout

Kangana goes to the gym for five days a week and rests on the remaining days. She believes that rest is equally important with workouts. Besides this, she engages herself in yoga and jogs for half an hour a day. According to Kangana, yoga not only eliminates excess body fat but also calms down our minds.

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It refreshes our soul and enhances positivity to focus more on our workouts. Also, walking regularly can increase your metabolism and cut down fat from major portions of your body. So, let’s see her workout routine in detail:

Monday- Fartlek running, squats, push-ups, pull-ups

Tuesday- Kickboxing, stretching exercises, hill-training

Wednesday- Rest

Thursday- Hurdle training, sprinting drills, abs workout, lower back exercises

Friday- Power yoga, meditation

Saturday- PHA training

Sunday- Rest

Kangana Ranaut workout

Kangana Diet Plan

According to Kangana, all the fitness enthusiasts cannot get slim just by working out. They have to concentrate on their diet as well. She loves junk too but does not make it habitual. She consumes her favourite oily delicacies only once in a week, mostly on Sunday. But, a healthy diet is equally important for rapid weight loss process and for this purpose, she has a fixed diet plan for all the seven days of the week.

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Breakfast- Cereals and bread omelette

Mid-day snack- Fruit chaat and protein shake

Lunch- Dal, vegetable, chapatti, brown rice

Evening snack- Egg white sandwich

Dinner- Soup, boiled vegetables, grilled chicken

So friends, did you find this post helpful? Do share your personal experience below after trying out Kangana’s workout and diet plan.

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Diet and Workout Plan of Kangana Ranaut 2
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