Former World’s Strongest Man’s Weight loss Journey

Former World’s Strongest Man’s Weight loss Journey

Eddie Hall who is popularly known as the world’s strongest man is extremely popular for various reasons. And one of the top reasons is his record holding 500 Kg deadlift which he did in the year 2016. He recently announced his retirement from the competition. And that’s when he decided to take his diet and physique a bit lighter. He decided to leave behind his carbs and ditch his high protein diet.

Since then Eddie has lost more than six stones in weight and shed a good amount of weight. Let’s find out how.

Eddie came back to his age-old and childhood favorite exercise through which he lost good weight. He thanks his mom who is also a swimming instructor who pushed her to this form of exercise.

He says

“Fortunately there was one final saving grace that took up just enough spare time to keep me out of the correction centres”.

He further added

“It’s something I became obsessed with for a while and am still good at to this day, although given the size of me you might not think so”.

“That something is swimming and for a while, I was one of the country’s brightest young hopes.

“As well as setting records, here, there and everywhere and winning loads of gold medals, I was tipped as being a future Olympian.”

Eddie picked up gold medals in various categories like 50,100,400 and 1500 Freestyle during national competitions. He also added that he derived great mental satisfaction with this activity as well.

He recalls

According to [my] mum, I first started swimming back in 1990 on one of our treasured holidays to Portugal.

“I don’t think it was natural ability that enabled me to stay afloat, although that did come into effect later on.

“What’s more significant to this present day, and in particular becoming a strongman, is that I managed to do it all on my own.

“Working things out from myself and that self-contained attitude was as important to me as a kid as it is today.”

Eddie also reveled that along with swimming he also does cycling and boxing to burn fat.

He said some times back

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“What I do now is I’ve thrown in a couple of boxing sessions a week.

“I do a land-based training session, I do a swimming session, and then I bought a push-bike as well so I’m doing a lot of cycling.

“I’ve probably piled on about five or six hours a week in cardio on top of my weight training.

“I’ve got a six pack and I’m quite happy to stay at this, until I get a bit older [in his late 40s and 50s] when maybe I’ll have to reduce the weight a little bit more.”

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