Bollywood Female Celebrities Plastic Surgery Before and After

Together with the technological advancements, there are innumerable options available now to make you feel and look beautiful. Well, we are talking here is not about makeup items yet about cosmetic surgeries. Whilst Botox treatment prevents your aging and even, makes you look radiant, a cosmetic surgery can similarly make your faults perfect. However, it may lead to imperfections, when not performed in the right way. Given below is the list of those celebrities in Bollywood cosmetic surgery revealed. [1]

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List of Bollywood actresses before and after plastic surgery:

1. Koena Mitra: Did you see this actress recently? If you do, you can well presume how the plastic surgery of this actress has gone wrong. Once she was a well-known figure because of her item numbers. Now, we are in doubt regarding her career.


2. Kangana Renault: Though she is an example of cosmetic surgery, her transformation is obviously praiseworthy. This Himachal girl made a large fan following since from her inception because of her unconventional hairstyle and face structure.


3. Anushka Sharma: She steps into the B-town with a grand success, Anushka Sharma’s cosmetic surgery of her lips went wrong. Though she is one among the list of heroines who have nose surgery, her lip job becomes the most talked about a thing. She naturally misses her unique face structure [2].


4. Minissha Lamba: The actress was once praised for her sweet charming face that generates too many fans. However, the actress is now busy more to care take of her looks rather than concentrating on her acting career. In fact, she receives a good competition while making a mark in the Bollywood.


5. Gauhar Khan: Though she is quite well known for her supporting roles, she later earns popularity by taking part in the reality shows like Big Boss. She had a beautiful face and a bold figure. But, recently, her nose job to trim it short looks just like a bridge.


6. Rakhi Sawant: She is a “drama queen”. Is there any other name than this to address this Bollywood figure? She tries to follow Pamela Anderson and so, she gets her lips, face, and breast job is done. However, it will completely become a mess, making her among the Bollywood actresses plastic surgery gone wrong. If you go through the picture, you will surely note the plastic surgery disaster of this Bollywood actress.


7. Juhi Chawla: Though her smile gives you an infatuation, her nose obviously gives you frustration due to surgery. Just compare her before and after surgery pictures. You can guess that she lost all her natural charm.


8. Priyanka Chopra: She is the hot, beautiful, and bold actress in B-town. After seeing her astonishing success in Bollywood, she marks her existence in Hollywood too. What about her cosmetic surgery? She has gone for a lip job in order to make it much more beautiful and so, her lips look perfect and damn sexy.


9. Sridevi: People never go without noticing this South Indian actress Plastic Surgery. This is because of a disaster that happens to her face. Have you seen the smile of Sridevi? She struggles to smile and her face now becomes a matter of joke.


10. Shilpa Shetty: She is the only actress for whom plastic surgery becomes a grand success. She transforms to be a diva now with her fitness regime. Therefore, she gives a very tough competition to lots of actress these days.


Nowadays, You can see actresses without plastic surgery list here. What have you decided now? Go up for cosmetic surgeries or just happy with your face, which God gifted you. There are many other Bollywood actresses with plastic surgery.

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