Best Pedometer – Top 5 in 2019

If you have decided to be in good shape and health, then regular exercising is what you need. In this case, you would also like to keep track of your walking or performance. You need a device called pedometer to help you do this with accuracy and convenience. Designed to be light in weight, this is a great device that helps you to stay healthy by monitoring your daily activities.

This may be a small choice, but makes a big difference by keeping a track of your steps, which in turn is important to motivate you for a healthier lifestyle. Your health professional might have asked you to walk a mile to maintain your health, but you may be unaware of how much distance you actually covered throughout the day. Choose the best pedometer and it will do even more.

Working of these devices is on an electronic sensor technology. This sensor has to be kept in your pocket or close to your hips to count your steps while you walk. A pedometer is able to assess the length of every step taken and then calculate the total distance by summing up each stride. In this way, it gives the overall measurement in miles.

Now, every step taken may vary so how does the device manage with the changes? Not to worry, there are some start devices with special internal programs for this as well. Well, you have an advantage of this device by knowing how much distance you covered during the day. The display will give you accurate information.

There are some devices that also store data for a week. There are some that do even more by indicating the calories burnt with your exercise, and even more. Having the necessary information, you are able to make crucial adjustment to your workout plan. You need not to wait for months to do so.

You can find a number of pedometers in the market with different set of features. For the best results, you have to evaluate their features and choose the best pedometer for expected results. These devices run on batteries, which are replaceable. They work efficiently no matter placed vertically or horizontally.

We have enlisted five best devices to make the selection process slightly easier for you:

  1. Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Pedometer

Best Pedometer - Top 5 in 2019 1Best Pedometer - Top 5 in 2019 2

Omron is a well-known brand for making highly efficient Activity Trackers and Pedometers. This Tri-Axis Pedometer is one of the best products by them that is compact in size but delivers accurate results. It may look small, but is highly efficient and equipped with all the features you expect from such a device.

Important features:

  • This is a highly accurate device
  • Keep a count of your steps, even aerobic steps and keeps the reading stored
  • Gives mode-wise display
  • Takes measurement throughout the day
  • Display turns zero at the midnight
  • Allows checking for the previous day data and even the day before
  • Stores a week’s data
  • Allows you setting the device to different modes


  1. Digital Pocket Pedometer – Omron HJ-112

Best Pedometer - Top 5 in 2019 3Best Pedometer - Top 5 in 2019 4

When it comes to digital pedometers, Omron HJ-112 tops the chart. It is a dual-axis technology by Omron that offers you a variety of features that you want in the device of your choice. This pocket sized device is a great product to make your a healthy and smart individual in terms of keeping a track of your daily exercise activities. It keeps track of the steps you take during the day and displays the overall reading after adding them.

Important features:

  • Automatically switches back of zero at midnight
  • Starts counting for the next day automatically
  • Can store data for the entire week
  • This smart device has been designed to track your steps in six modes – normal walking, aerobic steps, time taken in the particular mode, calories burnt, total distance covered, and fat burnt during the process
  • Can also distinguish between your steps – whether you are walking at regular speed or briskly – record, and indicate them separately
  • Worth your money and efforts


  1. Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer – Ozeri 4x3motion

Best Pedometer - Top 5 in 2019 3Best Pedometer - Top 5 in 2019 4

Ozeri pocket pedometer is a smart device designed with Tri-Axis technology that allows it to take accurate measurements. It is known for giving extremely accurate readings for the steps taken – no matter you place the device horizontally, hang on the neck or keep in a vertical position. It also displays accurate results when kept sideways.

Important features:

  • Gives highly accurate measurement of steps
  • Based on smart Tri-Axis technology
  • Also features an advance sensor that works on digital 3D technology, which distinguishes it from all other devices available on the market in terms of displaying results
  • Calculations and results are highly reliable
  • Users’ reviews suggest that this is a technologically advanced device for keeping track of activities
  • One user also used this pedometer while walking on a treadmill and found the reading given by as accurate as you can expect
  • Features a wide display to show the count of steps, distance covered and the calories burnt. Also records and shows the time of your workout
  • Designed to last longer and comes with manufacturer guarantee for this


  1. Timex T5E011 Digital Pedometer

Best Pedometer - Top 5 in 2019 7Best Pedometer - Top 5 in 2019 8

This is a smart product from Timex – a well-known company in the wristwatch production with global presence. The brand now offers digital pedometer in flip type case to open the display. The pedometer functions to record the count of steps taken and then converts it into kilometre or miles. In addition, the device also keeps track of calories that you burnt in the process. You can easily clip this device into your dress to keep a record of your activities. It is a great device for both men and women.

Important features:

  • Highly accurate and compact device
  • Can display up to 99,999 steps
  • Tracks distance covered as well as calories burnt
  • Runs on a battery, which is replaceable and lasts for 10,000 hours
  • A simple device to help you monitor your exercise
  • Offers the luxury to measure every step you take for good health


  1. Pedometer with Activity Tracker by Omron HJ-203

Best Pedometer - Top 5 in 2019 9Best Pedometer - Top 5 in 2019 10

When you are firm on staying fit and healthy, your trainer gives you important advice on what activities to perform for the healthy life. You would then need a companion in this endeavour, which you get with Omron HJ-203 Pedometer with Activity Tracker.

This is a wonderful gadget that helps you to keep track of how much exercise you do and how many steps you have taken at normal or at a brisk pace (displays results for both separately). You just need to set up the mode.

Important features:

  • The smart gadget helps you to keep a count of steps taken, distance covered, fat loss (in grams) and calories burnt
  • Also features a clock, and automatic re-set at midnight
  • Data lasts for a week
  • Easy to operate device offered with a manual to guide the users through
  • Allows inputting your height and weight to give more personalized results
  • Durable device with high degree of accuracy


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