10 Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running

10 Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running

In this health-conscious world running is the most recommended exercises to burn fat and lose weight. You will come across people from all different ages come out in parks to jog and thereby maintain their fitness. American Council of Exercise states that a 120-pound person burns about 11.4 calories per minute because of running. However, very few know that there are various exercises apart from running that burn more calories.

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We will take look at few of them and how they benefit the human body apart from burning fat:

Sprint best exercise to burn fat and lose weight

1. Bike Sprints

Bike sprints are certainly more effective when it comes to burning fat. The workout time is drastically reduced while maintaining the same outcome. These are certainly a good choice for the novice. It can be broken down into various groups which include warm-up, light pedaling and sprinting. These, when done in intervals, keep the metabolism rate high and burn calories.

swimming best exercise to burn fat and lose weight

2. Swimming

This is one for the aquaphiles. It is one of the best exercises to burn belly fat within a short amount of time. Swimming brings into use legs, arms and the core body. The stroke you use will also effectively alter the number of calories you burn. Generally, butterfly and breast strokes are recommended.

rowing best exercise to burn fat and lose weight

3. Rowing

Indoor rowing is an exercise which will tone the muscles in the back, shoulders, and arms. This best belly fat burning exercise utilizes your entire body and is an instant calorie burner. On an average, a 160-pound person will burn 250 calories in 30 minutes.

Burpees best exercise to burn fat and lose weight

4. Burpees

This one’s a bit tedious exercise and is hardly popular but an effective exercise nonetheless. Another full body exercise, it can build your endurance. There are a plethora of movements involved and its benefits are considerable. Also, it can be done anywhere so no restriction in case of going somewhere.

Jumping Rope Burn More Fat Than Running

5. Jumping Rope

Another simple exercise is a Jumping rope and can be done anywhere. 100 skips can burn around 13 calories. And if you are skilled enough, you can easily do 100 or more than that within few minutes.

Battling Ropes Burn More Fat Than Running

6. Battling Ropes

Battling ropes may not have been tried by many health freaks. It’s an extremely intensive exercise and burns a lot of calories. It’s highly recommended if you want to burn fat quickly because of its high intensity.

Rock Climbing-best exercise to burn fat and lose weight

7. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is nowadays present in many gyms as they have understood benefits of this exercise. The difficulty, intensity of the climb will ultimately help in burning calories at a varied pace. It builds your upper body strength, uses intricate footwork helps in forming lean muscles. A one-hour climb session can burn well over 700 calories.

Stair Climbing Burn More Fat Than Running

8. Stair Climbing

It maximizes cardio benefits, helps in increasing the lower body strength, and is a brilliant exercise for a pure fat burn. Plus, its free and all you need is stairs.

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Cross fit exercises best exercise to burn fat and lose weight

9. Cross-fit exercises

Cross fit exercise routine has variety of exercises. But you do not need to perform all of them and you can select exercises which suit you according to your liking and needs. These exercises along with burning fat improve your balance, coordination, stamina, and strength.

Dancing best exercise to burn fat and lose weight

10. Dancing

Dancing is a popular exercise with various gyms opting for Zumba classes or opening Dance fitness studios. Dancing is a fat burner but its benefits are beyond just fat burn. Most importantly dancing improves your flexibility and balance. This is a best aerobic workout for weight loss. It even increases your energy.

As we have seen there are various other ways to burn fat apart from running. So, choose the exercise which you are into when running is not your thing and you want to burn fat.

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