Benefits of Kickboxing Workouts

Benefits of Kickboxing Workouts

Kickboxing, as the name suggests is a combination of punching and kicking movements and it originates from a combination of karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Western boxing. This practice has been glamorized since many celebrities have taken it up as a body workouts but it has many other advantages too which are discussed below.

Benefits of Kickboxing Workouts are:

Tone up the muscles

This exercise helps you in getting into a perfect shape and it is possible only then when all your fat deposits are lost and replaced by the lean muscle mass. This practice includes all muscle groups of the body, especially the arms, shoulders, core and legs. The punching and blocking movements of the arms, back and shoulders conditioned the concerned muscles and the same happens in case of legs during kicking activity. The torso and core are taken care by rotating and bending motions of the body.

Affects cardiovascular system

The result of toning and conditioning of the muscles also reflects on the cardiovascular systems with a rise in heart rate, increased oxygen intake rate, air holding capacity of the lungs, etc. The improved blood circulation increases the nutrition absorption rate and thus boosts the metabolism in the body. This will keep you energized throughout the day.

Simple workout format

This exercise is developed in such a way that you can learn it at your own pace and skill level. Gradually, you will see the increase in your stamina, concentration, reflexes and energy levels. Since this is a high impact exercise,therefore you are suggested to perform it on three alternate days of the week, followed by a rest day so that your body gets time to repair the damaged tissues.

Self-defense training

When you are using a kickboxing as a workout then you will not learn the practical applications of it, but you will learn the basics of the self-defense. If you apply the punching and kicking movements on a target or sandbag, then you can also learn some self defense techniques as well because these props will help you in assessing the distance and intensity of the punch or kick on the target.

Enhance confidence and self-esteem

When you achieve the physical and mental fitness then the confidence level automatically goes up. Your increased focus and concentration will help you in doing your job more efficiently means the boss will be happy and chances of promotion become brighter.

Sink in the stress

The modern life is full of frustration and stress which leaves a negative impact on your behavior. These factors make you short-tempered, irritated, distracted and even depressed. This workout is the best solution to vent out your negative emotions and increase the release of endorphins or happy hormones. It also helps with anger management issues and the endorphins relieve the pain or any kind of depression from the body.

Time efficient

This exercise is ideal for your tight schedule because it only requires three hours out of 168 hours available in the whole week time. The best part is you can burn around 750 calories in an hour means you can lose extra weight without compromising on your working time. But you must be disciplined enough to practice it regularly as per the workout plan.

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