10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

The one common word you will find in every health related column is the word ‘Metabolism’ and you will find that most of the content revolves around it but in actual what it is and why it is so IMPORTANT. In simple terms, this is a process which converts the food you take into energy. The more efficient this process will be the more energetic you will feel that is why it is important. Some people have an enhanced metabolism in their genes and some has to make efforts to achieve an efficient metabolism. Its efficiency varies with age, sex, gender and activity level of the body. The metabolic rate goes down steadily after 40 but you can improve it and maintain it on higher level despite of factors stated above which affects its efficiency.

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So, now we will look up to some best practices which can boost your Metabolism or improveits efficiency:

Morning Sun

  1. Eat within 90 minutes after getting up

It means you cannot skip your breakfast and skipping it means low metabolic rate. How you can run an engine without fuel? The same happens in the case of a human body, if you don’t take your breakfast you will feel low in energy in the following hours. Your metabolism is already reduced in the morning due to lack of food in the system for several hours since you were sleeping. On top of that if you skip your breakfast, you will make your body more food deprived and thus your metabolic rate goes down. Besides that, this ill habit of yours will make your body cells adapt for food deprived hours and they will start to store fat as a solution. So, eat a healthy breakfast and kick start the day with enhanced metabolism.

  1. Have several small meals and snacks in between

Never load your body at once with food as eating more at one time and nothing at another will only cause fat storage. Remember the cell response to food deprived condition, we have discussed above. So, you should have several meals throughout the day, which can keep your metabolism in running state. An active metabolism will keep you energetic whole day. Try to eat healthy food with multi nutrients. Feed yourself roasted or baked beans, nuts and other healthy snacks as a filling in between your meals as it will keep you full and avoid cravings.

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Mermaid Exercise

  1. Engage yourself in some physical activity

Exercising 30 minutes once or twice per day can hike your metabolism in less time. You can do aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging and swimming helps in burning lots of calories and thus switch on the metabolic process. You can also take up muscle building exercises like weight lifting since muscles requires more calories to sustain than fat burning. Your average metabolic rate increases after a weight training session because these exercises can activate all muscular systems of the body. You can also perform yoga postures along with breathing exercises.

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  1. Kill your old unhealthy habits

‘No pain, No gain’ and it is true in your case if you want to enhance your metabolism. You have to part ways with your old habits of always sitting around and munching on junk food. Grab every opportunity which includes walking like taking staircase, walking to the colleague cabin, walking in the park or hallway (not on the road) while talking on the phone. Park your car a little away from your office or market so you can take a walk to reach your car later on. A study has proved that you can burn 1.36 calories per minute while standing as compared to burning 1.02 calories while sitting down. So, you see how much calories you can burn by taking up these simple habits which involves walking.

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  1. Add fat burning food to your diet

Increasing the fat burning process means boosting your metabolic rate. There are certain foods which have this fat burning properties in them which helps in increasing the metabolism as well. These include spices like cinnamon, peppers like black pepper, jalapenos, etc. Flax seeds have also this property because of a compound ‘lignans’ and you can easily add up in your food as a sprinkling. These fat burning foods work with your metabolism by raising the body temperature or providing nutrients like protein, which are complex in nature and thus takes much time and energy to digest.

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hydrate yourself with water

  1. Keep yourself hydrated whole day

You should drink at least 3 – 4 liters of water daily to keep yourself hydrated. Water consumption contributes to the high rate of metabolism and an efficient digestion. It also prevents the body from overeating if you take up a glass of it after and before 30 minutes of the meal. A glass of iced water helps you burn more calories since your body has to warm the water to the body temperature level.

  1. Say good-bye to sugar and bad fat

Eat sugar and forget about the metabolism because by taking sugar, you turn on the fat storage in the body rather than turning on the fat burning process. The increased sugar levels, boosts the insulin level in the body which signals the body to store the energy as fat and hence slow down the metabolism. Another culprit of metabolism is the trans fat, which reduces the metabolic rate by binding itself to fat and liver cell. Accumulation of trans fat in the body results in insulin resistance and inflammation, which makes you gain weight and lower down the metabolism.

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Green Tea Benefits

  1. Drink Green tea

Green tea is popular for its antioxidant compound, but it also has a component Catechin which helps in boosting up your metabolism. Studies show that people who were following a healthy diet and included green tea in their diet plan loses more weight than those dieter who has not added green tea. Cathechin helps in improving fat oxidation (breaking of fats) and thermogenesis (a process which raises body temperature) and thus increase the metabolic rate. But intake of green tea should be limited and it will be more better if it is iced one.

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  1. Keep distance with stress

Living a stressful life can cause you many problems and you can count an ineffective metabolism among one of them. Research has proved that people who are stress free loses more calories (approx. 100 calories difference) than those who lives under stress. So, it is high time to enjoy your hobbies and interests like travelling, reading, watching movie or getting intimate with your partner. Live happy and your body environment responds positively.

Early sleeping habits for your health
Early sleeping habits for your health
  1. Sleep well

Now it is proved that sleep deprivation interferes with the metabolism of your body. Lack of sleep increases the hormone Cortisol in the body which is also a stress inducing hormone and it slows down the metabolism. In turn, you will feel hungry all the time and low in energy. An eight hour sleep helps in lowering down the Cortisol level and boost your metabolism. So try to catch an extra hour of sleep and wake up refreshed.

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