Adult Actress, Zuzana Majorova Turns into a Female Bodybuilder

Adult Actress, Zuzana Majorova Turns into a Female Bodybuilder

Well-known fitness model Zuzana Majorova from the Czech Republic who earlier used to work as the adult actress has now turned into a fitness professional. The lady is also popularly known as Zuzka.

Before she started her life in North America, she was working as a model and a softcore pornographic lady under the name of “Susana Spears”. She described that experience as “Extremely humiliating situation” and she feels lucky that she finally got out of the same. The lady is extremely proud of her fitness journey and she shares

“working on fitness helped me heal emotionally and rebuild my sense of self-worth.”

Currently, Zuzka is a resident of California.

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The lady also runs a popular fitness channel of YouTube and this is how her channel is described.

“My channel is all about fitness, healthy lifestyle and holistic health. I post tips about exercise and diet every single week.”

She further adds:

“I’ve been a fitness professional for the past ten years. I have my own online subscription club ZGYM™ at where you can find all the workouts and diet advice you need to get in the best shape of your life. ”

Before starting her youtube channel, she along with her husband has also created a fitness website as well. The name of the fitness website is Her then-husband Frederick Light supported her a lot in this. The couple headed to a split in 2011 and finally, they were divorced in 2013.

Zuzana has been part of numerous advertising spots as well like Airbus, strode, Gambrinus, Raiffeisen bank. She has also been actively contributing to many fitness publications like shape magazine,, and multiple other news channels.

She also released a book in December 2015 which is all about 15 minutes to stay fit. The 35-year-old lady claims that her workouts give quicker results and minimum efforts.

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