You’re never too old To Get Braces

If good looking Tom Cruise at the age of 40 could wear ceramic brackets to improve his teeth, you have no excuse.

Quite a few people are under the impression that braces are only for those within the age bracket of kids and teenagers. Those people are wrong.

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If you’re not too old to stay fit, too old to work, play, dress nice, go on dates, then you aren’t too old to have healthy teeth. It’s a choice, and only you can make the choice on if you want to have good looking teeth or not, regardless your age.

Are you an adult with teeth more crooked than Tom Hardy’s? Are you being stubborn about getting them fixed because you think they’ll make you look uncool?

Well here are some really good reasons for you to get your teeth fixed regardless of your age:

  1. Straight teeth are more likely to stay healthy: It’s proven that straight teeth are less prone to getting cavities, have less likelihood of getting discoloration problems, develop periodontal (gum) disease, or suffer from irregular wear and fractures.

With straight teeth and healthy gums, you don’t have to worry about eating particular foods that might get stuck in weird and uncomfortable spaces in your dentition. All in all, straight teeth reduce the risk of you acquiring an expensive and painful dental problem.

  1. Straight teeth increase your chances of living longer: Sounds farfetched but you cannot ignore the evidence. Studies exist that prove those who floss on a daily basis can extend their life by almost 7 years. But this will only work if you floss right, and you can’t floss right if the positioning of your teeth won’t permit you to.

But if good teeth can make you live longer, bad teeth can have the opposite effect. Studies have shown bad teeth can cause problems such as; heart disease, endocarditis, stroke, systemic inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, lung condition, dementia, diabetes, and even erectile dysfunction.

  1. Straight teeth make you more confident by boosting your self-esteem: There’s a reason why most people with great teeth smile a lot. It’s called confidence. Studies have repeatedly proven the overwhelming benefits of an attractive smile in both business and personal life. When you have good, beautiful teeth, you subtly project charisma, beauty, and believe it or not, professionalism.
  2. You’ll look way better with straight, white, strong-looking teeth: Some people can’t stand the sight of crooked, yellowed, broken or worn-out teeth. For them, it’s a major turn-off, and if you’re one of those who care what people think about your appearance, you can get your teeth fixed.

Also with straight teeth you get a better “bite” instead of sticking with your current overbite. Having underbite or overbite can cause your teeth to wear out before their time and can also cause problems with your jaw joint or cause uncomfortable breathing. And if you know you have crowded crooked teeth, you should know you’re susceptible to red, swollen, bleeding gums because of your inability to properly floss and brush around your poorly arranged dentition.

  1. Uneven, protruding teeth are more likely to get fractured: If you slip and fall face down, bump your face in the dark or during sports, or engage in an awkward rushed kiss, your nose and your protruding buck teeth will likely be the casualties of such an accident. Getting your teeth straightened, minimizes the risk of the consequences of such accidents by tucking your protruding teeth back in your mouth and out of harm’s way.

Now that I’ve convinced you to fix your teeth with braces, here’s what you’ll need to do to get the best results out of them.

  1. Brush well and regularly; you can’t abandon your toothbrush simply because you’ve got braces on. Brush twice a day, or better yet, every time after eating to prevent food particles from being trapped in your braces. Round-bristled, soft toothbrushes are best. Electric toothbrushes are also good.
  2. Still floss. And make sure to get between the braces and under the wires by using an orthodontic flosser or floss threader.

Avoid sugary foods, hard foods, and sticky and chewy foods including bubble gum.

I know all this might seem like a hassle but it’s all for a good cause – to give you those strong, beautiful teeth you’ve always coveted.

When you’re ready to get your teeth fixed, make sure to visit a professional orthodontist who’ll advise and walk you through the entire procedure. Also, make sure your choice of an orthodontist isn’t one who’s famous for having problems with scheduling, bills and such. Pick an orthodontist with a well-organized business and administrative system or who’s partnered with a business like OrthoSynetics, that’ll ensure you enjoy a smooth and stress-free visit, crowned with desired results.