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Yoga for Beginners: Yoga vs Gym Which One is Better

yoga vs gym for weight loss

Have you decided to lose some weight as quickly as possible but confused between yoga and gym? Often weight loss seekers get paused in perplexity in yoga vs gym workouts which is better. Basically any form of exercise provides both mental and health benefits but yoga seems to have an upper hand over the exercises that we do in a gym.

Yoga vs Gym Workouts

Gym workout includes cardio exercises and shaping the body by lifting different sorts of weights, while cardio exercises are good for your heart, lifting weights can help you lose body fat and gain muscles, but is that all what we need to lead a healthy and stress free life? Whether you are a working professional or a student, competition has grown up to a level where you want to stay ahead of others and you work hard day and night without realizing that how much stress is you have in your daily life and how it is affecting your body.

A recent study has shown that stress is a threat to your brain’s natural and inborn ability to keep itself healthy; too much stress narrows an essential part of your brain called ‘Hippocampus’ which is responsible for producing emotions and maintains the  functioning of your long-term memory. Well, before you put any further stress on your brain, you would be glad to know that a simple solution to keep you daily mental and physical stress away lies in the ascetic art of Yoga. Yoga not only helps you to stay fit and lose unwanted weight but it also keeps your mind calm, focused and relaxed. If you think you cannot concentrate on your daily tasks and get distracted easily, yoga can help you stabilize your mind and that is what is required for leading a healthy, successful and stress-less life.

To help you with achieving your weight loss goal while also keeping your psychological health at calm, here we have shared some facts that actually prove that yoga is better and efficient than gymming.

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Well, this article is just to make you aware of some of the facts about yoga. This article is not to discourage you from practicing in gym as that also has benefits of its own in some other manners but the goal of gym and yoga is pretty much the same which is to stay fit and healthy. Yoga is basically a science, an art or a technique to enlighten self-knowledge by performing various postures which are beneficial for internal as well external part of body. Since yoga is an art that cannot be described completely in words but it can certainly be experienced.  The upper hand of yoga is that it not only saves you money but it also saves you a lot of time which is precious than money in today’s context.

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