Yoga Insurance: Why Every Instructor Should Never Go Without

yoga insurance

The threat of liability often causes complications in areas of work where you would not really expect such a level of hostility. For example, being a yoga instructor might sound like one of the most relaxing jobs to have, as it is your responsibility to help your students reach a level of comfort and relaxation they might be having trouble achieving on their own.

Unfortunately, liability can make things challenging, even for a yoga instructor who only wants the best for their students.

It might seem a little strange to stress the fact that a yoga instructor needs insurance, but just like most jobs, insurance can and will keep you safe from some of the trickier pitfalls unwitting instructors end up falling into. Here are just a few reasons why no instructor should ever go without yoga insurance.

For the most part, it is mandatory

Whether you are a part of a studio or have a yoga studio of your own to utilize, it is often compulsory for instructors to have yoga insurance. It is the reason why if you work for a studio, it will likely have general liability insurance, at the very least.

That said, do not think that just because your studio has general liability insurance, you are also safe from potential liability when working with your students. It would be a good idea to ask the studio about how their insurance covers you, as it might come as a surprise to know that not all types of insurance can include an individual instructor.

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The studio might not be liable – but you as an individual might still get in trouble.

The potential of alleged misconduct

Yoga is a series of exercises that often require you to get up close and personal with your students. Unfortunately, even if you have the best intentions, there might be a few misunderstandings during your career that could lead to something much worse if you are not careful.

If your students feel like your physical contact is unnecessary and intrusive, you could end up with a lawsuit. Yoga insurance ensures that you are never blindsided by such lawsuits, as even instructors with the best of intentions can get caught in an alleged misconduct case.

The risk of injury

While yoga instructors are often quite careful when it comes to how they pace their lessons for their students, the risk of injury is never far behind. Unfortunately, if you are not careful with how you treat your students, it could leave you open to a potential lawsuit involving injuries sustained. Having yoga insurance helps to keep you safe from potential lawsuits involving any kind of injury.

No matter how careful you are as an instructor, not having insurance heightens the risk of trouble down the line, and a lawsuit with no insurance means you will have to suffer the consequences on your own. Even if your studio might have insurance, it is best to err on the side of caution.

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