Yoga DVD Review – Shilpa’s Yoga

Yoga DVD Review – Shilpa’s Yoga

Shilpa Shetty is a beautiful and talented Diva of Indian Film industry, but she has earned a reputation all over the world by winning famous reality show ‘Big Brother’ and most importantly through her Yoga DVD program. She has tried to encourage her viewers to take up this healthy practice and achieve a fit body.

She has a very slim, flexible, toned and fit body, but this program doesn’t promise to get you such body, but it will benefit you in improving your health quotient. The video has been shot at some beautiful locales of Kerala, South India and in the backdrop of the Arabian Sea. Her warm and friendly presentation along with calming music creates a good feeling sensation. She has genuinely presented her affection for yoga and not overdoing it.

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Why you should buy Shilpa’s Yoga DVD?

Because you are Shilpa Shetty’s number one fan. It can be one of the reasons, but no we will not give you this reason for buying this DVD. This program showcases Yoga postures which involve exercises for the whole body. The DVD program is divided into five sections which contain exercises for different parts of the body and these are exercises for back, stomach, neck and shoulders, standing and sitting exercises. These exercises aim for strengthening and toning of your body with a series of poses involving slow movements and breath control.


This fitness program includes exercises affecting overall body and breathing. Shilpa has demonstrated the poses, couple of times with clear and precise instructions from her Yoga Guru and the instructor briefly explains the physical benefits of each pose.


Although, Shilpa has repeated some poses, but the duration of each phase is not clear, but you can use this for your benefit by setting your own time with own pace.


The DVD contains an introduction to yoga, which explains the meaning of yoga in detail and though, this program is dedicated to physical exercises, it still takes a holistic approach by adding a Pranayam section showing several breathing techniques. There is also an extra section besides the five sections which focusing on different exercises and this extra section demonstrates a 15 minute quick fix practice for the whole body. There are also some behind the scene section and meeting Shilpa section. The DVD comes with a music CD of ambient music which helps you in unwinding and relaxing after your Yoga practice.

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The DVD offers a one stop solution for those who want to learn Yoga. It contains physical poses and breathing exercises. Every pose and its benefits has been briefly described and performed with slow movements which makes it easy to learn. This DVD is awesome in every way and its easy learning approach makes it more special. You are going to like this DVD even if you are not a Shilpa’s fan because she has performed every yogic posture beautifully and elegantly without uttering a single word while following a calm and encouraging male voice which is briefly narrating the facts and benefits of the pose.

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