Celebs spread awareness on World Thalassemia Day

Celebs spread awareness on World Thalassemia Day

A Vadodara based NGO The Wishing factory started an initiative of posting your half picture on World Thalassemia Day. They have urged eminent individuals and celebs to post half of their face image. They started a social media tag of #AadhiwaliZIndagiMitao.

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The reason behind half of the image is that this deadly disease has stolen half of the people’s lives. And thus people should get tested in advanced and get diagnosed so that proper treatment could be done.

This NGO works in different parts of the country in the area of Thalassemia. The NGOs founder Partth Thakur is himself a sufferer of this deadly disease. He shares “Since I was a 3-month-old child, I would have to get my blood pumped every three weeks – that is the life of a thalassemia major patient. Growing up, I read every article I could find and came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t live more than 16 years. Every day was filled with fear, wondering if it was my last.”



But soon he realized that with proper medication and support he could live much longer.






“I want to make a difference for people who are suffering from thalassemia and try and eradicate this blood disorder for generations to come before I leave this beautiful place.”

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