World AIDS Day- Ways To Spread Immunity

World AIDS Day- Ways To Spread Immunity 5

Initiated by the World Health Organization, World AIDS Day is celebrated every year on 1st December to resonate education related to this hazardous disease and ensure to support people who are or have already suffered from this illness. As we all know, HIV is a deadly virus that leads to death and is usually acquired either by birth or due to sexual intercourse with a person who is already suffering from AIDS.

There are many people who have to endure this deadly disease and badly need love and support of people around them but instead of care, they are always treated as untouchables for something in which they are just not the one responsible. They try their level best to fight the painful illness but due to such harsh treatment from the people around them, they lose their lives at an early stage. So friends, instead of disrespecting such patients we must support them and encourage them to fight till the last breath. The following are a few things that you can do as a responsible citizen on this World AIDS Day:

1. Red Code

Red is a colour that is worn to celebrate World AIDS Day and even if you are not wearing red apparels, you should ensure that you have attached a red ribbon on your dress. By wearing red, you will remind people of its value and encourage them to join the mission as well.

2. Silent Prayers

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There are many innocents who have lost their lives due to AIDS and this is the day to pray for their souls to rest in peace and just mourn over the loss. Even if they are dead we can support them through our prayers and that is what makes us a real citizen of our planet Earth.

3. Spreading The Message

It is true that a single person can bring a lot of difference but at times we need to unite. Encourage people to be a part of this day and with a banner just walk around the city in which you stay and meet people who are suffering from AIDS. Show them that you care for them and gift them your love and support. There are many people who are not much aware of this disease and so it is your responsibility to spread this education.

So dear friends, on this AIDS Day, join the campaign by sharing this post on your wall and spread the message. Share the post and motivate people to fight for their lives and take precautions before it’s too late.

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