7 Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Workout

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They say that going to the gym is half the battle, but you never really hear what comes next.

So you’ve made it to the gym. What now?

Well, now it’s time for the hard stuff, the workout! Yes, it’s time for heavy lifting or dance classes, fast-moving or mindful exercises. Regardless, things will be getting a bit sweaty.

However, when it comes to working out, there are certain tips and tricks to ensure that it is as efficient as possible and means that you don’t have to spend longer in the gym than you have to. After all, they also say to “work smarter, not harder”.

Below are some tips for your next workouts, such as specific movements and diet tips, and general tricks such as searching when shopping for workout clothes and lifestyle tips so that you are at peak performance. So you can truly get the most out of every workout!

1.  Hydration is key!

We all could’ve guessed this one, but many people don’t know that water takes a couple of hours for your body to absorb, so chugging a gallon of water right before or just after a workout will not mean your body and, importantly, your muscles are fully hydrated.

The best way to ensure that your body is fully hydrated is to make it a habit to drink water regularly throughout the day.

2. Pick the right soundtrack

Music can be the difference in helping you squeeze one more rep, or feel grounded in your movements. Listening to your favourite song or music that motivates you can ensure that your body, and mind, are in the right space for your workout.

It was also recently found in a study of 30 men and women, people who listened to music (especially slow music) after their workout recovered faster than did those who went without listening.

So next time you’ve finished your workout, try to listen to your favourite slow jams for a quicker recovery. It will help your blood pressure and heart rate get back to normal, and recovery happens ASAP.

3. Protein, Protein, Protein.

By now, most people know that protein is necessary for recovery. Therefore, it is essential when working out that you up your protein intake to ensure that you get the most out of your workout, as for both cardio and strength training, you need protein to build muscle.

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If you need a quick way to get your protein intake up, many tasty protein shakes, and bars are readily available to grab on the go.

4. Make Sure It’s Fun!

Don’t stick to the workout that you simply don’t enjoy. If you don’t enjoy the exercise, you will grow to resent working out. Instead, pick something fun, whether swimming, biking, hiking, rowing, stair climbing etc.

If you are still struggling to find a workout that you enjoy, try bringing a workout buddy to your next gym session. Not only can having a friend make the time in the gym fun, but you will have a person to hold you accountable as well as moral support.

5. A Good Quality Night Sleep Is Never Overrated

A good quality night sleep is vital to ensuring that you maximise your workouts and get the most out of your time in the gym.

A poor night sleep hinders not only your exercise performance, the number of calories burnt and also your body’s ability to recover. This impacts how your muscles grow stronger after every workout. So try to aim for 7-9 hours a night (That’s the sweet spot).

6. Dress The Part

Yes, it may be a shallow superstition, but a new gym wardrobe can make you excited to work out and feel super confident in the gym.

Whilst it may be a case of all the gear, no idea, well-fitting and comfortable sportswear is key to feeling great while your workout. Plus, smart technology fabric and specialist footwear gives your body the support it needs to perform better, meaning you hit those targets!

7. 2 Words… Compound Exercises!

Instead of obsessing over chest day and leg day and focusing an entire day on one muscle group, try Compound exercises.

Compound exercises allow you to maximise the time you spend in a workout. In addition, doing exercises that work out multiple muscle groups at once will enable you to get a full-body workout from just a few movements.

Some compound exercises options include squats, deadlifts, lunges, pushups, bench presses, military presses, rows, pullups.

So however you decide to move your body, get the most out of it with these useful tips and tricks. Because in the end, all that matters is that you’re feeling strong, supported and comfortable in the exercise that you’re doing.

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