Why You Should Get Rid of Your Wisdom Tooth

wisdom teeth

Taking care of your mouth is essential to your overall health. Regardless of how rigorous your workouts are, if you disregard the need to brush properly, your efforts will be useless. A healthy mouth can ward off common illnesses and diseases, and even improve your confidence and mental health.

If you want to stay healthy, you should get rid of your wisdom tooth. Your wisdom tooth is the last tooth to emerge in your mouth, and which can cause several problems over time. Even if your wisdom tooth is healthy, you should work with a professional to have it removed.

Some Reasons Why You Have Wisdom Tooth:

Prevents Teeth From Crowding

Your wisdom teeth emerge when you’re around 17 to 25 years old and may cause significant damage to the surrounding teeth. This happens because your mouth will no longer have enough room for another set of teeth on your molar. Leaving this problem unaddressed will require you to have braces and pay for other forms of corrective surgery to improve the alignment of your teeth. 

If you don’t want your teeth to be overcrowded, you should have your wisdom tooth removed as soon as possible. If you’re already wearing braces or have undergone any type of corrective surgery when your wisdom tooth emerges, removing them as soon as possible will prevent any adverse effects and increase the efficacy of the surgeries.

Prevents Damage To Surrounding Teeth

are the final and third set of molars you’ll ever grow in your mouth. Unlike other teeth in your mouth, your wisdom teeth are usually bigger. The size of your wisdom tooth is the reason why having it in your mouth can eventually damage surrounding teeth.

The pressure from your wisdom teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to weaken and even lose their roots. When this happens, your mouth will be more prone to bone loss and cavities. An unhealthy tooth will also cause hypersensitivity when you eat or drink anything that’s too cold or hot.

Decreases Chances Of Developing An Abscess

Because your wisdom tooth is difficult to reach and clean, this part of your mouth is prone to cavities and other common dental problems. Any problems coming from your wisdom tooth can eventually affect other areas of your mouth.

An abscess is one type of dental problem that usually develops on the wisdom tooth. An abscess occurs when a blood vessel becomes infected and pushes into the gum area surrounding your wisdom tooth. The infected gum tissue is actually a nerve bundle that allows the nerve to transmit pain and sensation to your brain. When a wisdom tooth bursts, it will press down on nearby teeth, causing unbearable pain or discomfort. All of these problems increase the risk of your other healthy teeth being infected.

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Decreases Chances of Having Cysts in the Mouth

Aside from developing abscesses, a wisdom tooth may also develop a partial cyst on one of its surfaces. Cysts that develop in the wisdom teeth can affect both chewing and speech. The bigger the cysts on your mouth, the more challenging it’ll be for you to eat and talk properly.

Partial or full growth of cysts on your wisdom tooth can be very painful and may even result in tooth loss. Cysts can also permanently damage your teeth and adversely affect your healthy smile. Dental cysts can worsen over time and cause jaw fracture and even a benign jaw tumor. These symptoms will prevent you from doing anything with your mouth.

You can lessen your susceptibility to all of these dental problems once you choose to get rid of your wisdom tooth.

Lessens Orofacial Pain

Your ability to smile can affect your personality and the impression people will make out of you. If you apply for a job, for example, it’ll be challenging for you to convince your employer that you’re an optimistic person when all you do is frown during the interview.

Removing your wisdom tooth can relieve any type of orofacial pain, making it very easy for you to flash your smile. As mentioned, your wisdom tooth can cause pressure and sensitivity, and having it removed means you won’t have to suffer from all of these things. Removing your wisdom tooth can improve the quality of your life, and will allow you to enjoy different kinds of foods and drinks, regardless of how cold or hot they may be.

Trust the Pros

Once you’re convinced that getting rid of your wisdom tooth is necessary, start looking for an oral surgeon or dentist in your area right away. The removal of your wisdom tooth requires surgery, so make sure that you only work with someone who is trained, experienced, and licensed.

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