Why Washing My Hair with a Scalp Brush Was the Best Idea


Washing my hair was more sort of an obligation than fun and I always try to finish it in the least time possible. Whatever effort I put during my hair cleaning it can never match up to the salon-like feeling but when I got to know about this scalp brush which is specially designed for use during the shower then I decided to try it on.

What did I like in the scalp brush?

scalp brush
scalp brush

There are some features I really liked in this small tool which were:

Shape and size – its small size and ergonomic design make it easy to grab so that it doesn’t slip off from your hand. It is simply designed for everybody means even people with special needs can also easily operate it

Massaging action – its massaging action gives a comforting feeling while you rub the shampoo along with this amazing scalp massaging shampoo brush. It improves the blood circulation around the scalp which you will experience when you are done with the washing procedure

Cleaning effect – its rounded tips of this scalp brush gently exfoliates the scalp without causing any tangling and removes any dirt, waste or germ build up in the scalp. It unclogs the pores of the scalp making them more breathable. You will feel light and clean after cleaning your hair with this scalp brush.

Reduced finger contact – I used to rub my scalp with my fingers during shampooing before using a scalp brush but this brush has reduced the contact between fingers and scalp. It did a good job of cleaning and massaging the scalp. If you are having a hair care treatment like Rogaine or Minoxidil, then this reduced contact can assure that your scalp is absorbing the right amount of hair care product which was earlier absorbed by the fingers.

scalp brush for hair
scalp brush for hair


This is my best buddy during shampooing which gives the salon like feeling. It evenly distributes the shampoo on whole scalp while massaging and cleaning it thoroughly. I felt my hair much cleaner and snag free after shampooing. I would definitely use it while washing my hair but I would never over use it because it is just like using a scrub on your face. If you scrub your face daily then it can damage your skin, same goes with the case of scalp brush. You can also try it to improve your scalp health!!!

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