Why Raw Diets Might be good for Your Dog?

Why Raw Diets Might be good for Your Dog?

Dogs are undoubtedly amazing pets. However, as an owner, you want to ensure that you provide the best care to them. This involves things like purchasing pet health insurance, regular vet visits, taking them on daily walks, and providing them with the best food and treats. A healthy diet means better psychological, emotional, and physical health. Unfortunately, many dog owners still feed their canines canned food and commercial kibble.

Over the last decade, many veterinarians have recommended raw diets for dogs. The increasing popularity has also brought with it increased controversy. Like with everything else in life, this diet also has its strengths and weaknesses. The main question is, why is it the best diet to feed a domesticated dog?

Better health

The first and most obvious benefit of raw diets is the fact that they are healthier. Research done to find out the ancestry of dogs found that they evolved from wolves. This fact means that dogs ate raw meat and fruits in the wild. As a result, their bodies have the mechanisms needed to digest and provide nutrition to the body through a raw diet.

Raw diets, unlike processed foods, do not contain additives to increase their shelf life. As a result, they are healthier and provide more balanced nutrition to your dog. Even when you buy commercially sold raw foods, they do not have preservatives because they are frozen.

They also contain a higher water level. More water helps your dog stay hydrated all day long. It also helps it have healthier, shinier skin. The increased water level also means that you can feed your dog more food without worrying about empty calories.

Raw diets also improve the health of your dog’s teeth. By eating meat and vegetables, it will not have anything sticking between his teeth. Meat acts as a way to floss his teeth and bones help make the teeth stronger as they gnaw.

Many specialists suggest that raw dog foods are great because they help improve their immunity. Much like humans, dogs too gain many nutritional advantages from eating certain foods raw. These advantages also include a healthier immune system. Your dog will easily fight off diseases and infections.

  • Better behavior

If you are having trouble dealing with your dog’s bad habits of ripping to shreds everything in its way, this diet may save you. By gnawing on bones and ripping meat apart, your dog will satisfy most of its chewing tendencies. It may be a way for you to manage and reduce these tendencies. It has been thought that through eating meat and gnawing on bones, dogs have fun. If you have a dog that is depressed and always moody, you will notice a significant change in its behavior. You may also include Rx vitamins for pets to ensure that they are getting all the minerals they need.

  • Better digestion

Processed dog food may contain certain ingredients that may be harmful to your dog’s digestive system. Sometimes, your dog may be allergic to an ingredient used. With raw food, you can introduce one item at a time and monitor how your dog reacts.


Your dog trusts that you will make all these tough decisions for him. You, therefore, need to check and see what your dog likes and what he doesn’t like. You may try small portions of the diet and see how he reacts. There is no right or wrong diet as long as your dog enjoys feeding time and remains healthy.