Where is Marijuana Legal in the World?

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Which are the countries where weed is legal? There have had been various controversies regarding whether cannabis should be legalized or not. Finally, some governments announced that it had been legalized and some did not allow it to be sold within their territories.

Where is marijuana legal in the world?

Despite the fact that a large number of people now order weed online and that many countries with legal weed exist, some of the developing states have banned it for a lifetime. Here some countries where it is legalized have been mentioned.

Full legalization (recreational, medical)

Before we check the list of those countries, it is important to know that cannabis should be used for recreational and medical purposes only. Those who try to use it as an addiction may end up getting bad results.


Canada is one of those countries where different forms of cannabis are available for sale online and offline.


Georgia is one of those countries where marijuana is legal. It means if you are here, you can easily buy a product of your choice and need not worry about the quality.

South Africa

In all parts of South Africa, cannabis has been legalized and it is easy for you to buy it from here.


It is one of those places where weed is legal, meaning people living in Uruguay can enjoy their favorite forms at affordable prices.

Medical use

Health experts have proved that cannabis is beneficial for human health. It can help cure diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, stress, depression, anxiety and others.


In the Netherlands, a large number of cannabis types are made available to the people, but they are asked to buy it for recreational purposes only.


Argentina is where is weed legal in the world, and people living in this part of the world love buying different forms of cannabis on a regular basis.

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An average of 60 percent of Australians use cannabis, and they are ready to spend a lot of money on their favorite products.


Chile is where people buy cannabis and use it for medical purposes. It is mostly used to soothe their nerves and to help them manage depression and anxiety to an extent.


In Columbia, a large number of stores exist where cannabis is sold at reasonable prices. One can easily contact those store owners to place an order online or through social media.


Poland’s half population depends on cannabis for managing day-to-day problems and for having proper sleep.

North Korea

People living in North Korea think that cannabis should be used regularly as it boosts their creativity and lets them stay tension free.


In Peru, tourists love buying cannabis that contains CBD.


Italy is one of the top tourist destinations, and this is where both outsiders and locals love using marijuana for recreational purposes.


In Germany, cannabis is sold in open areas, markets, and big stores, so it is easy for you to buy it from here.


If you are lucky to be residing in one of these countries, then you would never have a problem with buying and using cannabis according to your desires and requirements.

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