What to Wear During Periods, If You are Looking for Comfort

Menstrual Hygeine Day : What you should know

Menstrual Hygeine Day : What you should know

Almost all women dread those 7 days of the month when their period happens. The days are messy with unbearable period cramps and uncontrollable mood swings. The days when you are on your period leave you feeling both mentally and physically exhausted. Sometimes all we want to do is just shut out from the rest of the world and be left alone in peace. But the world doesn’t work that way. Every day thousands of women battle their period and live normal lives as if it isn’t a huge thing. But the truth is, it is a huge thing. Period cramps vary in intensity, and the duration of the period is also different in each person. Yet, the pain is common to everyone and is sometimes unbearable. But most people do not know about this because of the various taboos surrounding sex and menstruation.

In the midst of all of this, women are troubled with the thought of what to wear during one’s period. Most women have nightmares about leaking and staining their clothes, which will leave visible marks everywhere. There is the task of cleaning up every few hours and although staying at home wearing your pajamas seems like the best thing to do, unfortunately, it is not. The fact that most women’s clothes aren’t made to suit periods makes it all the more frustrating. Most women opt for darker shades and thicker fabrics to wear during their period. Light and sheer clothes are not always the right choice.

Comfort is the most important thing that women look for when deciding what to wear during their period. Keeping this crucial factor in mind, cloth manufacturers have now launched new product in the market, the period-proof underwear. As the name suggests, these are washable and reusable underwear which absorb your period effectively without causing a mess. Not only are they environmentally sustainable, but they are also healthier alternatives. Sanitary pads and tampons if worn for longer periods of time without changing and cleaning causes serious repercussions. Sanitary pads are also seriously damaging to the environment since they take more than thousands of years for it to be properly disposed of.

Period proof underwear is the best can either be worn on its own or can be worn along with pads, tampons or menstrual cups if you’re looking for extra protection.

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These are made by making the best use of technology while keeping intact its core function of providing protection and comfort.

Some of the noticeable features of period-proof underwear are that they are made using breathable cotton. This makes absorption of blood much quicker; therefore, the wetness is also absorbed, which keeps it dry and thus comfortable. They also have odor-controlling properties, thus neutralizing any smell and keeping fresh all the time. Its super absorbent feature allows deep absorption of fluids, thus keeping it light and prevents feeling bulky. They are also leak resistant.

This period-proof underwear is totally a game-changer. It is easy to use, healthy and cheaper. Although each underwear may cost around $15-$20, it is much cost-effective if we consider the huge amounts of money we spend buying sanitary pads and tampons over our entire lifetime. The reviews are great for this product, so go on and try it. Even if you find it doesn’t suit you, trying it out will not cost you anything.

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