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There is a growing trend in which many users, especially the young generation, are seeking information online. It is estimated that more than 40% of the world population regularly uses the internet, while 75% of internet users search for medical and health information.

However, the internet is not to be relied upon completely on matters relating to health. There are some common signs that a medical website is trustworthy from its design and display of information.

In matters concerning medical and health information, several website sources can be relied upon as they are endorsed by the government. One needs to consider the sites that are well known and established. The health provider is required to have been registered by the relevant health authority, and the reviews that are displayed should be real.

One needs to check on the source of information to have an understanding that is in the provision of the content. When checking on the ‘About us’ page, it will tell you who is running the site – the health organization may be genuine or legitimate. Medical information sites should ideally have an editorial board as information needs to be reviewed by experts that have authentic qualifications before it is posted on the website.

The level of skepticism regarding online health products also needs to be considered. The website needs to be good looking for it to seem authentic. Suspicions should be raised with words like ‘secret ingredient’. A serious provider will disclose all the necessary information about its products and services.

Counter-checking if endorsements of the claims are on more than one website is also very important. Evidence needs to be revealed in distinguishing if a website is trustworthy or untrustworthy. To come up with a proof on the evidence, you need to look for medical research that is reputable in backing up the claims.

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Testimonials that people keep on talking about or you do not know; you need not keep in mind- such kind of people may have been offered some gifts or paid for the endorsement.

The website may be funded by certain outside groups, leading to biased information. Questions that need to be asked are – What is the purpose of the site? Who is supporting the website? Considerations need to be taken if the website is being funded by a company recommending its products and services.

Moreover, privacy is paramount. Beware of websites that keep on requesting private information or share your details with other people without your permission. Sites that are most reputable publish their confidentiality policy on the website.

Going through the website, check whether there is a recommendation of the service with a specific clinic or product if they are unable to provide that, you may not be at the point of getting all the facts. Websites are designed and written by pharmaceutical companies that are aiming to sell their services and products online.

They have a specified target when providing this information on the websites. They may only talk about the conditions supporting their product or service. The information may be spam in a case where they emphasize on getting exceptional results.

Online pharmacies are significant in getting quick results in cases where you need medical attention. Still, it is essential to consult a pharmacist at, a doctor, or a community health center when having medical questions specifically. Remember, not all websites are designed to give you the right feedback since some of them are there to create traffic and make money.

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