What to Expect: Dermal Fillers and You

Dermal Fillers

Whether you want those stubborn wrinkles to be less apparent or those thin lips to be plumper, you need an excellent dermal filler plan. However, there are a great many myths about what you can expect from these minimally invasive procedures. To help dispel those rumors, here is a list of things you can expect from dermal fillers.

  1. See Immediate Results

If you need instant results, you’ll love dermal fillers. Whether you opt for Juvederm formula or Radiesse or Sculptra, by getting this treatment from a skilled cosmetics doctor, you can expect to see immediate results. The results of some dermal fillers may even improve with time, and these results could last you anywhere from a few months to more than a year.

For example, with skin club’s dermal fillers in Melbourne, you can expect to retain that natural look you get from the treatment for a period of up to 18 months.

2. Expect a Fuller, More Youthful Look

Dermal fillers can give your skin a smoother and plumper look as it replaces the loss of volume that comes with age. It also helps make wrinkles less apparent. It can also help improve the contouring of your face. However, don’t expect miracles if you have terribly droopy skin. In such cases, you may need to opt for other treatments or a combination of them.

3. Adds Volume and Ensures Healthy Effect

By using filling agents like Hyaluronic acid that give your skin a spongy effect, dermal fillers can replace the loss of volume that comes with age in different areas of your face. It’s also a great way to make thin lips look fuller.

4. Dermal Filler Don’t Require Any Recovery Time

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After you’ve received your treatment, you can usually leave the center immediately, without having to set aside any time for recovery. Still, carefully following after-care instructions is a must. Generally, patients are also recommended that they not put undue pressure on the areas that have been filled immediately after the treatment.

5. These Treatments Rarely Come with Any Side Effects

Filling agents like Hyaluronic acid are also naturally present in our body and, as such, do not cause any allergic reactions. Still, some patients may suffer from skin irritation. However, these may go away soon enough if you follow your doctor’s orders well.

6. The Results You See Come with an Expiry Date

The effects of these dermal filler treatments don’t last forever. They can last anywhere from a few months to a little over a year. Clients are usually told in advance as to what kind of results they can expect from each treatment and just how long these results can last. They also get an idea about the number of follow-up visits required to maintain the look.

7. Choosing a More Reputable Doctor Yields Better Results

If the dermal filler is done well by a skilled practitioner, it can leave you looking several years younger. However, it can have an equally opposite or disastrous effect if you choose instead to avail the services of a relatively less expensive and lesser-known doctor.

So, if you are starting to see the tell-tale signs of age on your face and you’re looking for the most effective anti-aging treatment option for yourself, a dermal filler may be the answer you’re seeking. Of course, you may have to do a little homework before making the decision. This is because we have different skin types and what worked for someone else may not necessarily work for you.

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