What Should Surrogate Mother Know?

What Should Surrogate Mother Know?

In Ukraine, quite a lot of specialized clinics provide assistance in reproductive technologies and, in particular, surrogate motherhood programs. There are really serious organizations with many years of experience and recommendations, and there are also those who use surrogate mothers for their earnings and do not provide proper conditions.

Therefore, if you are going to become a surrogate mother, carefully study the company, reviews, recommendations that will help you avoid difficulties and unpleasant moments.

What you need to know?

The first thing that offers the site of any organization in assisted reproductive technologies is to fill in a detailed questionnaire, on the basis of which it will be decided whether you are eligible or not to enter into a surrogacy program. Among the main requirements for surrogates:

  • age from 20 to 34 years;
  • having your own child born naturally;
  • absence of genetic and gynecological diseases;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • decency.

At the second stage, if your candidature has been approved, you are invited to a medical examination to make sure that your health conditions are on a par with medical requirements and you can give a birth to a healthy child. Each medical center has its own list of medical examinations, but most often among them:

  • psychological counseling;
  • laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods (ultrasound, blood test, cervical screening);
  • consultations with specialists (gynecologist, general practitioner, cardiologist, geneticist and others).

If you have undergone a medical examination and the results are normal and acceptable, then the next step is the search for biological (commissioning) parents, fertilization and transferring of the embryo.

Each clinic has its own conditions and requirements, so carefully review the information and collect a complete feedback. In addition, it is important for you to understand whether psychologically you are ready to bear, give birth to a child and give him away to intended parents. The surrogate mother does not have any rights to the child she is carrying, it is important to accept this fact even before you decide to fill out the questionnaire, because this moment, and not money, is of paramount importance in a surrogate motherhood program.


After a medical examination and settlement of all issues, a bilateral agreement is concluded between the surrogate mother and the intended (biological) parents, and it is important to state all the important provisions. The contract must necessarily include the provisions regarding the coverage of medical services: medical support for pregnancy, tests, consultations with doctors, selection of maternity hospital and other nuances. In addition, it is important to clearly express the financial issues and situations if something goes wrong with the pregnancy. For example, whether a surrogate mother is entitled to compensation if a miscarriage occurs or the child gets a birth injury or some other unexpected situation. It is important to take all issues into account in order to insure yourself from unforeseen situations. Also, additional funding for pregnancy course should be made explicit in the general conditions of the contract. It must include accommodation, food, clothes and other necessary expenses.


On average, the price for surrogate motherhood in Ukraine ranges from 10 to 20 thousand dollars, it all depends on the clinic and the number of children. Most often additionally paid out monthly allowances, one-time payment for embryo transfer and the first ultrasound test, which confirms the fact of pregnancy. Other payments are negotiated directly with the intended parents and are governed by the contract.

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