What is Bio-Energy Healing and How Does it Work?



    We all know that diseases arise due to bacteria. It is all part of nature including their mutation, chemical reactions and affecting living beings. We, as human beings, have discovered many deadly diseases and their cures by the hard work of many people. But yet, as the years’ pass, new disease welcome us.

    Treatments and healing are two different approaches in dealing with the sickness. While treatments focus on eliminating a disease using medications, etc., the healing process goes to the core of the illness. Healing techniques make sure that people will not suffer from that problem again in the future.

    Bio-Energy Healing:

    Bio-energy healing deals will all kinds of problems related to the human body. To understand Bio-energy healing, you have to know about three words and those are the life-force energy field, universal energy field, and etheric field.

    We will get to know them in detail below. So due to lack of balance in the life-force energy field, people get prone to diseases. A bio-energy practitioner or therapist will use specific techniques to get that balance back inside the body. Hence curing the problems in this way is represented as Bio-energy healing. offers effective treatment and other programs that include one to one treatments, family training, therapist training and many more.

    How Does It Work?

    As we know, a human body is made up of bones, tissues, organs, glands and many more parts. If we go the basic, everything starts with cells. Billion of cells develop and combine for the development of the human system. Along with this, we have a Life-force energy field flowing through every single cell in the body.

    Cells are the building blocks and if cells have this energy field, then ultimately, we have life-force energy field inside us. Cells vibrate with energy. When the cells are vibrating at an optimal frequency, you are said to be in a healthy state. At the time of sickness at a particular area in your body, cells over there will no longer maintain the healthy frequency rate.

    Bio-energy therapist learns the techniques to transfer the universal energy field to your body which will balance the life-force energy field. Once done balancing, cells start working again at a healthy frequency and disease get cured.

    A human body has inbuilt defending mechanisms for fighting viruses. Universal energy field consists of the information to get the defense systems back into action against diseases. So, the therapist acts as a channel for universal energy, and he/she passes the energy into your body.

    Is It Scientifically Proved?

    t is scientifically proved that we are made up of energy. While the life-force energy field exists inside the body, etheric field surrounds the body as a shield against diseases. First, the bacteria need to get through this field (other name Aura), and if they do, our immune system will take care of it. Often, diseases crossing the two security layers will need bio-energy healer to get back the cells and body parts to a healthy state again.


    No treatment can cure you overnight. They might, but still, you have to continue using tablets for several days though. In the same way, bio-energy healing works but takes time. Few people may comment that it doesn’t work but be patient, try the process, and you will be amazed by the healthy benefits.