What Are The Advantages And Disadvantage of CBD Vape Oil


Although there are many health gains associated with vaping CBD, most people consume it mainly because of its relaxation benefits. This substance creates soft and satisfying clouds that gently enter your lungs and thus promote calmness. Unfortunately, vaping CBD oil also has several negative effects.

Discussed below are the merits and demerits of CBD vape oil.

Here are some of the many health benefits that you can derive from vaping CBD oil:

Quitting Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes can impact negatively your life by causing cancer, impotence and pulmonary diseases among other disorders. But despite having this knowledge, addicts are often unable to overcome their urge to smoke. So how can you break your smoking habit? You can substitute the consumption of nicotine with vaping CBD oil. This will not only help you to curb your cravings but also to eliminate the addiction.

Relief From Anxiety

A big number of people suffer from clinical anxiety disorders such as PTSD, social anxiety, and OCD. This is in addition to common anxiety issues like fear of heights and sleeplessness to name a few. Luckily, CBD oil can help you manage such disorders by altering the response that the brain receptor produces towards serotonin.

Combats Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can harshly impact your mental health and diminish the quality of your life. For instance, people suffering from chronic back pain are often depressed and in addition to having low self-esteem. This is where vaping CBD oil comes in handy; it’s an excellent solution for combating such pain. The oil contains analgesic properties that are basically all-rounded painkillers.

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Side Effects

There are very few disadvantages of using CBD vape oil when compared to other methods used to administer CBD. Although you cannot get high, addicted or even have red eyes, it has some major side effects as shown below:

Low blood pressure

After consuming high doses of CBD oil, you are likely to experience a small drop in your blood pressure. This is especially evident just a few minutes after a large amount of CBD oil enters your bloodstream. The drop in blood pressure is associated with dizziness and discomfort. For those who are on medication for blood pressure, they should consult with their doctor before using CBD vape oil.


Although CBD oil can be used to treat migraines and headaches, purchasing poor quality oils or those containing solvents such as isopropanol and ethanol may lead to severe headaches. Ideally, you should purchase quality CBD oils from authorized dealers, which will help you relieve headaches rather than cause them. With that said, you can try superior quality CBD oils from Kats Botanicals.

Organic CBD oils come with multiple health benefits, from relieving chronic pain to reducing anxiety. These oils are even more effective when you employ the vaping method instead of ingesting them. This is because vaping doesn’t diffuse the oils through your liver and gut but directly into the bloodstream via the lungs. This makes CBD vape oil an incredible product that can easily improve your health. You can try them today and be the one to testify about their effectiveness. However, you need to be careful on the type of CBD vape oil you are using lest you experience more demerits than merits.

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