WGCP (Whole Green Coffee Powder) Review: What is it?

Whole Green Coffee Powder Review

Whole Green Coffee Powder, or WGCP, has become popular as an energy-and brain-boosting weight loss supplement. The stories of WGCP’s success have often been tied to products that contain it as an ingredient, but what exactly is WGCP and how does it work?

WGCP Benefits

To better understand how WGCP works, it is good to know how naturally occurring coffee beans are prepared for consumption after harvesting. Those that are kept raw and not roasted are sun-dried to keep the green color and then ground into a fine powder.

In this form, the green coffee bean still has its vital nutrients, fiber, and other natural antioxidant benefits. Once it is ground, it can be added to supplement products.

Raw WGCP does not give users the same jittery feeling that roasted coffee beans triggers. The typical headaches that accompany habitual coffee drinking are also missing when you take a whole green coffee powder. It flows evenly and slowly through the body to help systems and organs keep their balance. Here are other noted health benefits.

–Diabetics have discovered that it helps regulate glucose levels.

–It promotes weight loss by helping to suppress appetite.

–Workouts and exercise may become more endurable because WGCP enhances physical performance.

–Work concentration and mental focus improve.

Clinically Proven Ingredient

While some of the claims made about products that contain WGCP have been questioned, the real health benefits of the raw product have been proven in clinical studies.

In one highly noted study by the Cleveland Clinic, a top-rated multi-specialty academic hospital in Ohio, researchers examined the effects of WGCP on student participants who used it as a natural caffeine source. The researchers noticed a positive effect on sustained attention spans and working memory for the 14 students in the study. They showed increased alertness, improved concentration, decreased fatigue, and increased feelings of contentedness and satisfaction.

Similarly, in a Global Clinicals study, participants helped prove the theory that combining caffeine and chlorogenic acid that is found in the raw coffee powder helps to suppress the appetite. The significant discovery of this study was that chlorogenic acid alone would not curb the appetite. This was a significant finding in connecting WGCP to weight loss.

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WGCP Products

There are increasingly more products applying whole green coffee powder so that users can reap the natural benefits of the raw coffee bean. It is important to make sure any products you purchase have the raw product as an active ingredient.

IQ Genex is one product that has taken advantage of the WGCP as an ingredient to increase overall benefits for users. It helps increase mental focus and brain performance without an immediate spike-and-fall effect. One of the reasons IQ Genex works well is because it capitalizes on green coffee powder’s natural time release of caffeine without putting too much burden on the heart.

GoBean products help improve workouts. It offers 185 mg of chlorogenic acid per dose, which industry experts say is the ultimate green coffee formula. Although this product emphasizes weight loss, there are also energy and study aid supplements with different formulas.

Raving WGCP Reviews

As an ingredient, WGCP has boosted the popularity profile of energy and weight loss products and influenced positive reviews.

As a result, sites like Morning Health News have been able to give readers an educational background on the origin and preparation of the powder and recommend favorable products. SupplementHunter.com has gauged product effectiveness and safety.

Supplement Police have given some scientific background on the effects of caffeine. Of particular note is the reduced risk of certain cancers and heart disease.  

Almost anything a potential user wants to know about this supplement is available with a click.

Closing Thoughts on WGCP

All in all, WGCP is a very powerful ingredient that can provide hours of mental clarity and focus.  When used properly, this all-natural stimulant is safe and effective.  For anyone that needs the cognitive focus that whole green coffee powder can provide, there are plenty of well-known supplements available online.


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