WEIGHT LOSS TRANSFORMATION : Man losts 250 Pounds with Diet changes

WEIGHT LOSS TRANSFORMATION : Man losts 250 Pounds with Diet changes

Brady Golden has always been an overweight obese kid. He was called as “Chubby” and he kept gaining weight all throughout his life. When he was at his fourth grade he weighed 180 pounds. And when he reached his high school he was weighing 350 pounds. He recalls

“I just ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and I barely moved at all. The most active thing I did was marching band,”

Bad eating habits
Bad eating habits

During his college days, he distinctly remembers

“I found that I was too big for the desks and that I was too out of shape to make it to my classes in the 10 minutes that I had,” he says. “I’d show up to class several minutes late, sweaty and out of breath. I found that I had no real interest in my major, so I dropped out.”

Brady Golden Fat
Brady Golden

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At his 21st birthday, he was weighing 501 pounds. His heart sank when he saw the number for the first time on the weighing scale. He was on his routine visit to the doctor, where when blood pressure was checked it was reasonably high.

Also, while he was on a plane to visit his parents, that’s when the reality sunk him and actually shook him.

“The airline told me I would need two seats, so they rescheduled me for another flight later in the day, and gave me a sign to put on the seat next to me that said something like ‘seat reserved for disability.’ That was pretty humiliating,” he says. “I was feeling very depressed—I thought all hope was gone, and that I’d just eat myself to death. My only hope was that I’d go in my sleep, and not from a heart attack or a stroke.”


He joined a social platform on Reddit where successful weight loss stories were being shared. He quickly realized that he is not the only sufferer in this world.

Brady Golden Before and After
Brady Golden Before and After

He decided that he has to change his binge eating habits. He has to live his coke, sodas, and chips.

He says

“I quickly realized that if I ate foods that were less calorie-dense, I could have much bigger portions, so I’d make salads with a literal pound of vegetables, eat whole bags of frozen vegetables—I still do this—and slowly fazed out the chips and other junk,” he says. Change didn’t exactly happen overnight, however—inevitably, there were setbacks. At first, he’d lose some weight, gain it back, and have to start over again. Cravings were the most difficult part to deal with: “There were countless nights when I would lay awake in bed fighting the urge to go into the kitchen and eat everything in sight,” he says. “When I would wake up the next day without giving in to the urge to binge, I would feel victorious.”

He also started to work out five days a week. He started spending more and more time on the treadmill. He also started kickboxing three days a week and also started going to weekly hikes.

That’s how he lost more than 250 pounds.

Kudos to you boy.

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