Weight Loss Story – Two Moms lost more than 100 pounds each

Weight Loss Story – Two Moms lost more than 100 pounds each

Moms are always worth inspiration. And when it comes to weight loss then they are surely one of the most determined people.

Victory Brady had visited her pediatrician and that’s when she realized that she is no longer going to live the life of an obese mother. She will do whatever it takes to break the obesity cycle in her family so that her child leads a healthy and happy life.

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She said “I decided I was tired of failing and it was time to break the cycle of obesity in my family. I wanted my sons to live a healthier lifestyle than I did so they wouldn’t have to endure what I did growing up overweight.”

Brady, 31 lost 125 pounds and dropped from size 22 to size 6.

On the other hand, another mom Laura Rosenthal, got her weight loss motivation when she was celebrating her 40th birthday.

She said

“I turned 40 and was very unhappy with my life. I decided to get healthy so that I did not waste the next 40 years of my life feeling miserable.”

SHOCKING : Two Moms lost more than 100 pounds each
SHOCKING : Two Moms lost more than 100 pounds each

The lady who is the mother of an 8-year-old daughter lost 120 pounds. Their weight loss story has been featured in People Magazine’s Annual 100 pound Weight Loss Feature.

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Now, let’s have a closer look at what was their strategy while losing weight –

1. A healthier version of their favorite food –

Both of them said that pizza, meet, and potato is their favorite foods. But now they have substituted them with fat-free cheese and low carb pizza.

2.Cheat Meal instead of Cheat Day –

Now the focus is on cheat meal instead of a cheat day. She tries to incorporate each and everything in her food so that she could control her cravings.

3.Proper combi of diet and exercise –

Both of them strongly believe that exercise or diet alone won’t help. You need to have a proper combination of both of them. What you need here is a proper workout regime. It can be a combination of weight training or heavy training, brisk walking and even circuit training or aerobics.

4. Staying Committed –

This is one of the most important parts. Staying committed and focused towards your weight loss goal is what will facilitate you towards your dream. Weight loss is not a miraculous thing. It is a sustainable and gradual process and will take time.

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