Three Weight Loss Shakes Built for Successfully Dropping Pounds

weight loss shakes

The holidays are here again, which means you’ll likely be surrounded by indulgent foods that can really put a dent in your weight loss efforts. While everyone else is passing around second helpings of stuffing and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and reaching for every Christmas cookie in sight, why not arm yourself with a proven tool to help fight cravings: the best weight loss shakes?

You might be wary of these types of shakes if you’ve never tried them or wonder if they actually work as they should. In fact, many people have found complete success by using this method for dropping pounds and were able to hold onto that success for the duration.

The method behind these weight loss shakes is simple: replace 1-2 meals per day with shakes in an attempt to consume as few calories as possible while burning more fat and calories.

Here are some great options in the market right now to help you sculpt a much more slim and fit figure, even throughout the holiday season:

  • Vega One

This shake brand prides itself on what it doesn’t include in each shake. These shakes are completely plant-based and contain natural, wholesome ingredients.


Well-balanced daily shake – This meal replacement shake will supply you with the nutrients you need to fuel a healthy lifestyle and is a great daily nutritional supplement. The shake features 20 vitamins and minerals, and health-boosting superfoods including organic spirulina, organic kale, maca root, spinach, broccoli, and more. It also includes gut-healthy probiotics for overall immune and digestive health.

Beneficial plant-proteins – Plant-proteins are becoming increasingly popular in weight loss shakes, and for good reason. The powerhouse proteins used in this shake (pea, hemp, and sacha inchi) all support your overall health and studies show they may help aid in weight loss.


Potential digestive issues – A certain type of soluble fiber used in Vega One shakes, called inulin (which comes from chicory root), has been known to cause some digestive discomfort in some people. Your body does not absorb this fiber and studies show that it can cause gas, bloating, and stomach pain.

2) IsaLean Shake

This shake, which comes in a variety of appealing flavors and has been shown to help people drop pounds, also contains some controversial ingredients.


Great taste – It’s hard to consume a weight loss shake each day if you don’t truly enjoy the taste. According to user reviews, IsaLean Shake scores high in this arena, offering a variety of satisfying shake flavors including Strawberry Cream, Natural Berry Harvest, Rich Chocolate, and more.

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Good protein and fiber – Each IsaLean Shake offers 24g of protein and 8g of dietary fiber, which helps keep you feeling satisfied and energized throughout your day. Many meal replacement shakes do not offer enough of each of these vital ingredients, and their weight loss shakes, therefore, fall short of providing intense results.


High calories per serving – Since we’re rating these shakes for their weight loss benefits, the fact that each IsaLean shake has a ginormous 260 calories per serving is an unfortunate check against them. Ideally, you want a weight loss shake to provide all of the necessary daily nutrients while offering a small number of calories (around 100 calories per serving) to keep your daily caloric intake low.

High sugar and fructose – Unfortunately, this shake also provides 11g of sugar per shake serving – an incredibly high amount! There is also fructose in this shake which is a type of sugar that has been linked to potential liver and heart problems and may even cause weight gain when consumed in large quantities.

3) 310 Shake

One glimpse into the online Facebook Community for this shake brand and you’ll see that it has rave user reviews by both celebrities and regular consumers showing that it has both helped them drop pounds and keep them off.


Great taste/texture: The company behind 310 Shake, 310 Nutrition, released a new shake formula blend earlier this year (for both its plant-based and whey-based weight loss shakes). Users say the flavors are richer, creamier, and even more flavorful than before and mix well with other ingredients.

Well-balanced, nutritious shake: Each 310 Shakes contains 15g of protein, 5g of fiber, 0g of sugar, 20 vitamins and minerals, a superfood greens blend, and 1 billion CFU of probiotics. This makes for an extremely well-balanced and nutritious shake perfect for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.


Not the cheapest option – Though 310 Shake still comes in a fairly decent price at $68 per bag (or $2.43 per shake), there are still many other shakes that come in at cheaper rates. The thing you need to take into consideration, though, is the value of the shake for what you are getting. There may be cheaper shakes available, but they will likely contain cheaper, less nutritious, and less effective ingredients.

I hope the above overview gave you some great insight into some of the best shake options available right now. Remember, weight loss shakes will only work in equivalence to the effort and discipline you put into the process. Make sure the shake brand you select also offers additional tools and products to empower you to reach your goals.

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