Warning Signs That Your Husband Is Having An Extra-Marital Affair

Warning Signs That Your Husband Is Having An Extra-Marital Affair 6

Do you feel that your husband is no more the same person as he was at the initial phase of your marriage? Do you think that the charm of your marriage has vanished with time and there is nothing left to talk about? Do you feel that the wall between the two of you is widening day by day? In today’s era, the majority of the married, as well as unmarried couples, are facing problems in their love lives. People marry each other to spend their entire life together but the promises they might not be fulfilled totally. If you are one of those exceptional couples who are happy with their marriages, then you are quite lucky. If not, then it is the right time to work out on saving it before anything goes wrong that cannot be undone.

The following are a few signs indicating that your partner is cheating on you:

Finding Faults in You

When two people unite, obviously they must have loved each other good as well as bad points. If your partner does not like you or is already having a connection with some other woman then he will suddenly try to point out all the negative aspects present in you. Sometimes, they will find you negative even when there is nothing wrong in you. No matter how much efforts you’ll put to change yourself, you won’t be able to convince the negative thoughts he will have against you in his mind.

He Won’t Listen

There are times when you need to communicate something very personal to your partner and you expect him to be there and listen to you. All your hopes go in vain when you realize that he doesn’t care. The moment you’ll try to talk to him he will either avoid you or will not allow you to speak much by making excuses. Even if he listens he won’t care much about what you are going through and will show his irritation.

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Using Smartphone Excessively

Remember the days before and at the very beginning of your marriage. Weren’t they wonderful? What went wrong all of a sudden. I’m sure there won’t be an answer to this question right now as you are disturbed and badly missing the way your husband loved you then. If he is having an affair, he will obviously be engaged too much using his smartphone as it will be the only medium of communication with his so-called girlfriend.

Developing a Workaholic Attitude

After marriage, most of the women feel that their husbands are just too busy with the office work that they don’t give them much time. My dear ladies, if your husband is working too much nowadays and that too all of a sudden after years of your marriage, then it is definitely a cause of concern that you shouldn’t neglect. He will definitely work when you are there just to either avoid your company or he might not be getting the time to work when he is with his secret girlfriend.

Women, if you feel all of the above signs then it is high time that you should keep an eye on your husband’s activities. You never know, they might be ditching you. One or two signs are still okay, but if there are three of them then do not ignore or take them lightly.

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