Want a Reason to Smile? Advice from a Dentist in Kingwood, TX

Dentist in Kingwood, TX

Having the confidence to beam a bright smile to the world makes a significant impact on your life.

Not only does it make you feel great about yourself, but it also has a favorable impact on your self-esteem and appearance. Feeling insecure about your teeth can lead to things like an enormous lack of self-confidence.

Thanks to all the advancements in dental technologies over the past two decades, anyone can flash the world a great smile. A cosmetic dentist can enhance your smile using these advances. Since each person is different, cosmetic dentists craft a highly personalized approach for each patient.

We discussed the subject of cosmetic treatments with Dr. Holly Gregory, a .

These five procedures are the most popular cosmetic treatments that her patients request:

Teeth Whitening

That once-elusive perfect smile is not complete without sparkling and white teeth. Having your teeth whitened is the best way to rid them of all stains they have accumulated over the years.

Sure, you can at-home teeth whitening options, but the results will not offer you the same professional quality. And, can lead to degradation in the enamel, tooth sensitivity, and more issues. Therefore, the best results stem from treatment by a cosmetic dentist.

The dentist will place a whitening solution into a custom mouthpiece tray to deliver the right amount of bleaching agent to the teeth. It is a painless process which can be completed in a one-to-two hour appointment.

Gummy Smile Correction

Do you have a gummy smile, characterized by prominent gums? Now there is treatment, so you can get your issue corrected by a cosmetic dentist. According to dental professionals, smiles that show two millimeters or lower gum tissues are considered to be more attractive. A than you might think—especially among women.

Cosmetic dentists can treat your condition with laser treatments, braces, Botox injections, crown lengthening, or jaw surgery.

Invisalign Braces

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Today, those with crooked teeth need not subject themselves to uncomfortable metal braces. offer more discreet teeth straightening solution.

Because of the embarrassing appearance of the old-school metal braces made people hide their smiles during treatment, the orthodontic industry now offers patients a better-looking offering–a clear set of hard plastic alignment trays. These are Invisalign braces, and they are custom fit to your jaw and teeth structure to deliver fast, pain-free orthodontia. They slip over your teeth without any discomfort.

Invisalign braces are now king among both teens and adults as they are transparent. Therefore, they are not embarrassing (unlike that traditional metal alternative).

Dental Implants

Tooth loss is common as we age. Along with the rest of your entire body, your teeth deteriorate with the aging cycle. Dental implants provide a natural look that’s superior to that you receive from dentures. Plus, they help in maintaining the integrity of your jaw and face muscles—no saggy look as denture patients sometimes develop. Once a tooth is gone–fallen out or been extracted by the dentist, the bone that supports the jaw starts to disintegrate. This degradation, in the long term scheme of things, results in poor chewing and may even lead to malnutrition.

The many benefits of dental implants are tremendous. A dental implant is a metal support structure that the dentist places into the jawbones to hold the manufactured tooth. Unlike real teeth, these implants can stand alone and don’t rely on adjacent teeth for function or support.

Dental Veneers

Do you have teeth that are damaged, graying in appearance, or other aesthetic problems? . Veneers are thin porcelain coverings which the dentist adheres to the front surface of your teeth permanently. The process is a routine and fairly simple procedure (depending on the number of teeth that require treatment).

These veneers both brighten and whiten and conceal any damaged enamel instantly. It is also commonly used to close gaps or otherwise improve the appearance of a patient’s smile.

Final Thoughts On Booking Cosmetic Dental Treatments

A bright and happy smile can help you feel better about yourself and boost your self-confidence. The world of cosmetic dentistry today offers procedures advancements that were practically unheard of just twenty years ago.

By taking charge of your dental wellness and booking services with a cosmetic dentist, you’ll regain that confident smile and be back to feeling good about yourself again.


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