4 Vitamins and Supplements to Improve Your Overall Health


    There seems to be quite the debate surrounding vitamins and supplements. Some people believe in taking every vitamin and supplement possible in order to be their healthiest self, while others think it’s nonsense. Either way, vitamins, and supplements can be very helpful, especially if you’re struggling to get all your vitamins through the food you eat.

    Ideally, we should be eating a varied diet so that we naturally get these vitamins and supplements, but that’s not always possible, in which case you may want to buy some so that your body gets everything it needs.

    Keep reading to find out where to start:


    Most people think that they are getting enough iron, especially if they eat red meat, but the truth is that it can often be hard to make sure you’re getting enough of everything. Sure, you might be consuming iron every day, but that doesn’t mean your body is getting the amount that it needs.

    Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to take iron supplements unless you suffer from a deficiency, but many people who don’t suffer from an iron deficiency opt to take it anyway, as there can be benefits to it. If you do happen to have an iron deficiency, it’s vital that you take .


    Just as with iron, we often think we’re getting enough protein when in reality, we’re not. In fact, it can be incredibly hard to get enough protein just through the food you eat, and it becomes even harder if you’re trying to build muscle since you’ll need to eat more protein than ever. Of course, vegetarians and vegans may also need protein supplements.

    The most common way of boosting your daily protein intake is by drinking a protein shake. Even if you do decide to opt for a supplement, you should still try to boost your natural protein intake by consuming food like high-protein vegetables.


    You’ve likely heard that Zinc can help prevent Covid-19. While this may not be the full truth, as you can still get the virus even if you are taking Zinc, these claims are not entirely unfounded, either. This is because one of the main things that Zinc does is to boost your immune system, which makes it more likely that you’d be protected against most diseases. On top of that, it can help your metabolism and also improve your skin.

    If you want to avoid vitamins for whatever reason, you can still .


    People have divided opinions on multivitamins, but the truth is that you may not have the funds, time or memory to be drinking twenty vitamins a day. While a multivitamin may not always be as effective as drinking all the vitamins separately, it is still better than nothing.

    Multivitamins contain the most needed vitamins, so it’s a good place to start. You can work on building a habit of drinking your multivitamin each day, and always add more vitamins once you’re used to it.