11 Indian Celebrities who follow Vegan Diet

11 Indian Celebrities who follow Vegan Diet

Our Bollywood celebs are always in their fit domain. They need to look best and almost all of them have quite a strict routine and lifestyle. They need to move from one place to another and that’s who they make their living and look presentable in front of us.

So, the pressure is not only to look good but also to stay healthy as well. and for this, you need to eat well. And thus many of our celebs have followed the vegan route.

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Let’s have a look at top 10 Indian Vegan celebrities –

1.Kareena Kapoor Khan


The Bollywood begum is known for her sultry figure and terrific glow. Ask her the secret and she will tell you “Vegan”. This is smoothing she adopted from her ex-boyfriend – Shahid Kapoor and still is a follower of the same.

2. Alia Bhatt


Latest to join the league is this youngest Bhatt. She used to love her meat but gave up this summer. And she is enjoying her new lifestyle. Her dad Mahesh Bhatt is also a vegetarian and her daddy is glad that her little daughter is following the same trend.

3. Kangana Ranaut


The Kickass lady has made another kickass decision in her life. The lady has turned vegan and for all the right reasons. Kangana actually was a vegetarian but soon she realized that dairy products didn’t suit her and thus she turned completely VEGAN. She is also awarded as the sexiest vegan by PETA.

4. Anushka Sharma


She loves her pet dog. And her dog is not fond of meat and non-vegetarian dishes and thus she herself also left such products and completely turned vegan.

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5. Amitabh Bachchan


One of the fittest actors of Bollywood, he also was earlier vegetarian only. But now he has completely turned vegan and is not at his fittest best.

6. Shahid Kapoor


He started his career as a chocolate boy but his superb muscles and cute looks are hard to ignore. Shahid turned vegan after reading Life is fair by Brian Hines which his father gifted him. He was once named as Asia’s sexiest vegetarian in 2011.

7. John Abraham


The secret to his sexy body is his vegan diet. He is completely vegetarian and he is strictly against any form of animal abuse.

8. Jacqueline Fernandez


She is eating into clean, healthy and wholesome foods. She is a huge lover of organic foods and plans to open a restaurant in Mumbai.

9. Aamir Khan


Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood loves everything perfect. And thus he has turned Vegan because as per his philosophy this should be the future lifestyle.

10. Sonakshi Sinha


She has been in great shape since she turned vegan. She is strictly against her any form of animal abuse and she is also associated with a number of NGOs.

11. Vinita Chatterjee

11 Indian Celebrities who follow Vegan Diet 1

Vinita is a Kashyap Brahmin and she is a true believer of Satvik Brahminism. She is born into a Bengali family who are hardcore non-vegetarian lovers. But she has always observed that her body never accepted animal products even dairy products. She is also an avid supporter of PETA and she herself has rescued many animals from getting slaughtered multiple times.

Do you know – Virat Kohli has turned into Vegan as well.

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