UTSA Students participate in the community health fair

UTSA students completing their community worker training with the Pathway to Health Professions program, housed under the Policy Studies Center, organized a Healthy Body Healthy Life Fair on Saturday, June 29 at the UTSA Downtown Campus in the Bill Miller Plaza.

The mission of the inaugural UTSA “Healthy Body Healthy Life Fair” was to assist communities in Downtown San Antonio, Texas, in pursuing a healthy life through proper life choices such as having a well-balanced diet, getting regular health screenings, and learning about preventative healthcare measures among other helpful topics. The fair attendees were able to participate in numerous free activities, which included glucose and BMI testing given by Mobile Fit SA, protective tools for sexual health through resources given by Planned Parenthood – South Texas Medical Center, and kidney screening

Among the 10 vendors that came to our event, the UTSA Health Professions Office; the UTSA Policy Studies Center; and the UTSA P-20 Initiatives’ booths were especially helpful for current or prospective UTSA students. Upon arriving to the fair, individuals were greeted by members of the UTSA College of Public Policy’s Pathway to Health Professions Program’s community health worker trainees at the welcoming booth where they received free goody bags and a red raffle ticket for potential UTSA-themed prizes. Once they had registered, they were welcome to visit whichever booths they found to be most helpful. We registered a total of 36 attendees from the surrounding community and donated numerous bottles of water, snack bags, and cartons of fruit juice to the day-workers and homeless in the area around the UTSA Downtown Campus after our event had concluded.

They look forward as a team to provide our local community with needed resources and are forever grateful for the support and leadership provided by the UTSA College of Public Policy, the UTSA Center for Civic Engagement, and the Texas A&M University’s Colonias Program.

I was glad to be the lead event and volunteer coordinator for this fair. We hope to hold future events like this one, and help the next generation of pre-health professionals achieve their goals,” said Dewan Protiva, Pathway to Health Professions student.

We hope to hold future events like this one, and help the next generation of pre-health professionals achieve their goals!

They thank UTSA for healing them as students, community health worker trainees, and future healthcare professionals!

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UTSA Students participate in the community health fair 2
Pallavi Bose
Pallavi Bose was born in California and brought up in New York. She was a bright kid and very enthusiastic to know about the human body behavioral patterns. She pursued Bachelors in Human Biology and then continued to go in depth in this field. She wanted to know everything about the human body and all the processes taking place in it. She started her research in order to know more about it. She completed her Ph.D. in Human Biology, and her research was based on genetics and evolution, and she started working as a researcher in the same company.
UTSA Students participate in the community health fair 3
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