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Urology is the branch of medicine related to diagnosing and treating men health problems and their reproductive function, in particular. In most cases, urologists are regarded as men’s doctors but this is not absolutely correct because a high-qualified specialist in this field is equally important both for men and women or even children as one deals with problems of human excretory system that is quite often exposed to viruses and other harmful microorganisms causing such health issues as pyelonephritis, cystitis, or stones in kidneys and bladder.

Why Urologist-Andrologist is Such a Hard Profession?

A doctor called urologist-andrologist deals with men only. Among the most common male health problems is enlargement of the prostate at an older age due to natural physiological processes. The main difficulty in treating male diseases is that men feel uncomfortable telling about these problems to anyone, even to a doctor. Because of telling the wrong facts or trying to hide symptoms at all, it becomes impossible to prescribe the correct treatment for a particular man. It also depends on the doctor because only an experienced professional is able to find a special contact with each patient to diagnose accurately.

Which Options Do Andrology Clinics Offer?

Men’s fertility issues are still the main problem in most cases. There are several ways of dealing with them but surgical treatment continues to be the most effective one. In an , you will be offered professional medical services matching high diagnostic and comfort standards. You will also be provided with a treatment plan created especially for you based on the type of urology or andrology problem that you have. Full confidentiality is guaranteed.

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Any surgical procedure is based on mini-invasive treatment. Such an approach allows minimizing risks of infecting and makes possible to bring less aesthetic harm to the operated part of the body. It also reduces pain and recovery time after surgery as well as provides better results than traditional surgery. During the postoperative period, each patient is provided with necessary medical care to ensure positive results of the treatment.

You Will Never Regret Trying!

Modern urology and andrology treatment methods may become a great opportunity to solve the infertility problem for those men who really need this. Highly qualified doctors who are well-known in the international arena due to knowledge and experience exchange with their foreign colleagues are able to provide safe and effective medical assistance and give a chance to many people who want to become happy parents.

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