Unnecessary Weight Gain- Did You Check Hormonal Level Of Your Body

unnecessary weight gain causes

Obesity and weight gain are generally considered the outcomes of the modern day’s lifestyle. People think that every person who is obese is due to his dietary habits, his lifestyle. People start cutting on the diet unnecessarily without even consulting a dietician. They start the unending sessions of gyms, exercise and yoga. But giving a second thought on the problem one can diagnose the cause of this obesity in the changes in the hormonal levels of the body. You read it right; the hormones which are secreted in the body normally or under some diseased conditions can be a big cause for the weight gain. People often spend long hours in gym, try to control their taste buds are unable to have a control on the weight gained. This is all because of the hormonal culprits.

The details of the leading culprits are shared below


It is a hormone secreted by pancreas of the body. The main function of this hormone is to utilise the carbohydrates or sugar present in the body and store it as fat or use it as fuel. Fluctuating levels of insulin have a direct effect on the utilisation of the fats and carbohydrates in the body.


The thyroid is an organ in the body which regulates the metabolism of the human body. It secretes hormones which have a direct relation with the weight gain or weight loss. The condition called as hypothyroidism in which there are low levels of secretion of hormones by the body. It is linked with the thyroid’s inability to secrete the hormone. As the metabolism levels of the body have decreased significantly weight gain is bound to happen.


The fluctuating levels of the stress hormones which are called as cortisol also have an effect on the weight issues of an individual. The hormone is known to have an effect on the appetite in the form of increased craving for the food. It is directly linked with the abdominal fat.

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The sexual hormone called as oestrogen has a direct effect on the weight issues of an individual. The hormone is found both in male and female. In the female the quantity produced is slightly more. The increased levels of the hormone in the body lead to the accumulation of fat around the stomach around the abdominal region.


This is the male sex hormone which has a direct effect on the weight issues of an individual. Decreased testosterone levels are known to have a direct effect on the weight gain of an individual.

Besides the above, hormonal changes in the body during menstrual cycle and pregnancy have an effect on the body. Always remember to go to a doctor and physician for a regular check-up. One should keep his focus on healthy diet options and living conditions that would also help to prevent unnecessary weight gain. Spare some time for simple exercises which can be done at home. These simple steps if followed can be of great help in keeping a check on weight.

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