University of Arkansas for medical sciences receives a five year 24.2 million dollar grant; says will focus on research and development of rural areas


The University of Arkansas received a five-year grant of $24.2 million for Medical Sciences by National Institutes of Health, the Chancellor of UAMS Dr. Patterson said on Wednesday, July 3. The University of Arkansas says that they will spend this grant on research and development of the rural areas of Arkansas where healthcare facilities are not so readily available and accessible.

This grant will help the institute in various ways like research and developments of new treatments and medications as well as other things related to health. The resources from this grant will focus on the rural side of Arkansas, mostly.

The Institute will take help of this grant and research on health issues like diabetes,  blood pressure,  opioids, management of pain, obesity, depression, and mental health. There is a great need for such intervention in rural areas where hospitals are not around the corner, and the grant will enable expansion and facilitate further discovery and research in such areas.

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This grant will fund probably around 20 junior faculty members to conduct researches and development of treatments during a two-year program, and this will also fund approximately forty smaller grants which will develop and execute projects for the rural population of Arkansas.

The work has already started as the university had a hunch that it might win the grant this time around because of its various previous accomplishments in Arkansas and it’s rural areas. The University of Arkansas is very grateful to have won the award and received the grant and hopes that they can make a change in the rural areas of Arkansas.

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