Ultimate Guide On Best Callus Remover Gel

callus remover gel

Getting callus on your feet is normal, it’s a way of your body to protect your skin by forming an extra layer, as a result, continuous friction over a long time. For many of us seeing callused feet is an eyesore and want to get rid of it as fast as possible.

There are various ways of eliminating calluses from our skin using safer and healthier methods. One of those ways is using callus remover gels, we are going to discuss a bit about the Best Callus remover gel that is suitable for us.

How Callus remover gel works?

These gels have powerful and strong components like Salicylic acid and Potassium Hydroxide, these ingredients are acids with strong capabilities hence the reason why they work so effectively within minutes. Turning even the hardest calluses to become soft to enable easier peeling of the dry skin when the remover gel is applied.

Specifically, Salicylic initiates a chain of chemical reactions which increases the amount of moisture in the callused spot by tearing apart the bond of the hard skin cells that tightly hold them close together.

How to get the best results

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Here are some of the ways to get desirable results when applying callus remover gel:

  • Start od by soaking your feet for almost 5-10 minutes, this will help in softening the hard skin in your heels and feet for faster and easier penetration of the gel into the affected skin area;
  • For those who have delicate and sensitive skin always use gloves;
  • To stop the gel from spreading to other unaffected parts, you can apply Vaseline or any type of moisturizer around the callused spot;
  • Always follow the prescribed application time when using the gel, the normal time for most callus gels is 3-5 minutes. Sit back and relax till the 5-minute period elapses;
  • Once the 5-minute period is over, wash your feet thoroughly preferably with warm water and dry with a soft clean towel or cloth;
  • Lastly, slowly start rubbing all the dead skin from your feet with either your manual or electric callus remover. The end results will blow your mind away of how soft and smooth your feet will be.

When to use callus remover gels

If you have a thick callus, it’s advisable to use a gel remover rather than the callus peel, the sole reason is that these gels are powerful and will easy soften even the hardest of calluses to allow easier removal.

Depending on the callus removal you can either choose to use a callus peel or gel callus remover.

Benefits of callus remover gels

Callus remover gels are highly beneficial to the user, some of those benefits are:

  • Assist in the elimination of bacteria present in your skin;
  • The gels have medicinal properties which assist in eliminating dirt in our feet and heels ensuring they remain in a healthy state for a long time;
  • Restores the texture of our feet to its original soft, tender and smooth state like that of a toddler;
  • The gels boost our self-confidence and esteem as a result of having beautiful and radiating skin, especially during summer.

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