The Ultimate Guide to Bangs for Your Face Shape

The Ultimate Guide to Bangs for Your Face Shape 1

Not many hairstyles will dramatically tousle your appearance in style the way bangs do. You have probably considered bangs, but you didn’t know the best type for your face shape. Many people will end up with the wrong fringes and ultimately the wrong looks. The fact that there are different trims for different face shapes can leave you in a bind. Before you think of giving up, you need to take time to educate yourself on how to go about choosing the right bang style.

Ask any hairdresser and they will tell you that bangs are not a one size fit for all people. However, chosen right, they will filter your face and give you value for your money. The good news for the daring bang aficionados is that it’s possible to add a dazzling touch to any face shape, be it oblong, round, pear shaped or a square-shaped face.

With bangs, the desired effect will come out looking spectacular, if the cut is done perfectly. With a pair of scissors and a professional hand, you will sport that savvy look and day. However, the shape of your face is a determining factor when it comes to choosing your bangs. After its set, you need to avoid cutting them on your own. It sounds economical, but the hairdressers will always deliver a polished look if they are the ones doing the cutting.

Bangs for Different Face Shapes:

  • Square Face Shape

If yours is a square face shape, the ideal bang style is the long-range look with a feathery touch. If it is light, the better: Thin layered bangs spruce up the feminine look on a square face build. Note you should avoid blunt bangs that cut across your face horizontally without remorse. A side swept bang is ideal since it contrasts the square jawline.

  • Heart Face Shape

If your face is broadening out at the forehead, its best that you pick a side swept bang to balance the face. You should keep it short above the eyebrow to keep the attention around your face. With a side swept bang, you have more styling options and you will enjoy simple maintenance by blow-drying the fringe.

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  • Round Face Shape

Rounds faces should opt for knight, thin and wispy fringes that enable them to show part of their forehead. In so doing, you create the illusion of a fuller face. If the bang is long and asymmetrical, you end up with an oval appearance. You will hack it if you consider contrasting bang angles that give your face flattering effect. You should avoid the wispy fringe and go for a thick straight across design to balance your face.

  • Oval Face Shape

Oval-faced women have the say when it comes to bangs. You can choose any style ranging from blunt straight across, long heavy and cut across fringe design and still pull it. A bang with a cut across the brow helps to diminish the length. This gives you an illusion of width to the face. The versatile aspect of the oval face here lets you pick from bangs that accentuate your face formal angles.

  • Caring For Your Bangs

With proper care and maintenance, your bangs will be looking great as time goes. If you must DIY them, the round brush is the ideal tool you need to have. This brush can shape the fringes the way you want them. You can jelly them or hairspray for added flair. Whereas you want to add bang care products in the mix, it’s advisable to apply minimal amounts. If the bag is covering your forehead, too much product could clog your skin pores.

  • Experiment And Try Different Styles

When your bangs grow faster than expected, the best hair clippers and a steady can cut them back to shape. Just make sure you don’t overdo the cutting. The good thing is that you can experiment with modest bag styles and still enjoy a flattering look. There are times you don’t want to visit the salon. With the right tools and a bit of patience, you will work the bang magic.

Regardless of their colour, length or hair thickness, bangs will always bring out the best looks. It’s easy to restyle to a preferred style thus giving you a rejuvenated look. To make the most out of your daring personality, you need to liaise with a professional hairdresser. You have the leeway for creativity, but if your imagination is limited, there are trusted forums and websites that can set you in the right direction.

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