Tutorial – How to Dry Your Nail Polish Faster [With Pictures]

Tutorial - How to Dry Your Nail Polish Faster [With Pictures] 8

Women take a lot of measures every day to ensure that their nails are in proper shape and color. They file them and shape them very often just to give them an attractive look. But your nails will always look plain until you apply a nail polish. It enhances the texture of your nails and highlights them more during casual as well as party occasions. Now women may apply nail paints but how to dry nail polish at home especially when you are in a hurry? Recently, we have published a post on Is Celebrity Couples Love and Affection Real On Social Media [Bloggers’ Take] and now we will be sharing a tutorial on steps to instantly dry nail polish.

Apply Nail Polish

Before using the home remedies to dry nail polish fast you have to apply a nail polish. When you apply nail polish just ensure that the layers are very thin and fine. The more thick layers you’ll apply the more time it’ll take to dry.

Use Blow Dryer

After applying the nail polish you must dry them using a hair dryer. Remember to keep the mode on cool otherwise it’ll take even more time to dry.

Apply Coating Layer

You must apply a coating layer to ensure that the real nail color doesn’t wipe out when you are using your hands for various activities. This thin coating layer also gives your nails glossiness.

Leave For One Minute

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After applying glossy nail polish you shouldn’t dry them with the blower instantly. You must first leave them aside for a minute.

Blow Dryer

You again have to use a blow dryer on cold mode so that the coated layer dries instantly.

Cold Water

The next step in drying your nail polish is to take icy cold water in a bowl and just dip your hands inside. Don’t worry it won’t remove your nail polish. Infact, with this process the upper layer of the nail polish will freeze.


Lastly, you have to dry the hand you dipped in water under sunlight. Do not use a towel or any other cloth for wiping the water droplets else all your efforts will go in vain.

Did you find this post helpful? Next time whenever you apply a nail polish just try the above steps and see how instantly they’ll dry.

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