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SHOCKING : Another Bollywood Couple Divorced

It’s very sad to hear divorce news. Breaking up is never easy and when it’s marriage, then it is all the more difficult. This time another Bollywood couple has closed the doors for reconciliation after one and...

VIRAL : Is Tiger Shroff Body Natural ?

Ok, let’s admit that teens are crazy over Tiger Shroff’s body. I have seen and known many young boys who go to the gym and just ask that we want a body like Tiger Shroff, please train...

Spend Mother’s day with your Mother in law

Mother’s day is special not only for your mother but your mother in law as well. and you should also focus on different ways of how can you make this day special for her. So, let’s have a...

VIRAL : Cockroach Trend is Alarming

Right when the #tiktokmania slowed down a bit, cockroach trend is all over the internet. Yes, you read that right, cockroach trend. Recommended Post Teenagers Health and Tiktok Ban? What Parents should Know Can you imagine having these creeping...

Jameela Jamil is all kind of body goals when she shows off her cellulite

Jameela Jamil is setting up her standards high by posting real body images on her Instagram page. In the world of photoshopping and filtered images, there is a brave lady who knows what are the body flaws...
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How do Dentists Treat Root Canals?

You have just gone to the dentist and they gave you some bad news. That toothache you had was not just a cavity....

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More than ever, people are looking to facial plastic surgery as a viable option to treat a condition or problem area they’ve...

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