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BREAKING : Chhavi Mittal has a baby boy

Finally, after 41 weeks of pregnancy Chhavi Mittal gave birth to a baby boy. We all have been through this pregnancy journey. A journey which I have covered here at findhealthtips.com as well..Do look Chhavi Mittal Enters 40th...

Sahil Khan owns 50% Stake of BodyPower UK

  Going through the Instagram pictures of Sahil Khan, let’s admit the fact that I am jealous. The guy is living a king size life. And he is always surrounded by chicks. Recommended Post Bodypower UK 2019: What’s going...

OMG : This TV Actress announced her pregnancy in an unique way

These days pregnancy news is flowing like anything. Neha Kaul, the well-known actress of Bahu Hamari Rajnikant is pregnant. Recommended Post Is Comedian Bharti Singh Pregnant? Amy Jackson is Showing off her cute baby bump Is Sonam Kapoor...

RESPECT : Konstantin Konstantinovs is a Russian Powerlifting Legend

Powerlifting in Russia is serious. And thus Konstantin Konstantinovs is one such serious legend. He is a powerlifting legend and one of the strongest man on the earth. He was nicknamed as Kalashnikov. This meant a submachine gun...

Big Ramy Controversy Continues….

Big Ramy is in news again. And sadly it’s again negative. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxONUVsoYr2/ Big Ramy has confirmed himself that he will not be taking part in 2019. He is not competing because of his shoulder injury which is disturbing him...
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Single-cell RNA sequencing is expanding into the clinical setting (Haque et al. 2017). With the inherent complexity of NGS technologies, it becomes...

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Are you frustrated with the slow progress of diet? Are you even getting any results at all from your exercise routine? 

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If you think a family member or friend has a problem with drugs, chances are they do. Everyone knows that if a person...

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