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BREAKING : Martins Licis has set a World Record

Martins Licis has done something which no one else has done in his life. The 2019 Arnold Strongman Classic runner up has completed a Steinborn squat with 257 Kg. Recommended Posts Elizabeth Galvan: Handicapped Female Bodybuilder Female...

Transition from Farm to Weightlifting – Alyssa Ritchey

Alyssa is different. If you read her posts then you realize that the girl is all real and honest in her posts. She was a complete country girl until she was 12. Her dad made her do...

“I lost my periods for a year” – Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner, the GOT star has been in limelight because of her body. She was in the public eye and her all the extra calories were being counted and that made her take the drastic step towards...

Female Bodybuilder accomplishes new heights

Francesca “Fancy” Adams is on new heights on attaining her professional bodybuilder. She won her very first competition last year and now she is gearing up for the professional card. But for this, she requires an adequate...

SHOCKING : Selena Gomez marrying 65 year old Guy

Selena Gomez who is enjoying a lot her time at Cannes film festival these days is seen romancing and happily gushing over Bill Murray. The 26-year-old actress attended the world premiere of The Dead Don’t Die with her...
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7 Unique Cardio and Strengthening Workout Equipment

Cardio training and strength training are part of almost all fitness regimes and followed by almost everyone who has the goal of...

How to Help PMS Mood Swings Not Ruin Your Week [Lifestyle Tips]

Mood swings, irritability, and cramps are some of the physical and emotional symptoms women experience in the days leading up to their menstrual cycle....

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