How to Estimate and Cut Down Cost of Treatment in Germany

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Receiving medical service abroad is no longer an exceptional event. Patients visit foreign countries in search of precise diagnostic programs, state-of-art equipment, talented doctors, novel medications, as well as efficient rehabilitation. Beyond all doubt, the financial side is often essential when making a choice between a few hospitals or treatments. Paying for the treatment of non-residents has few peculiarities. Being aware of this you can substantially reduce the total cost of improving your health.

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What determines the cost of a medical program?

When paying according to the final calculation in the healthcare institution, we can only accept it. Those who want to make conscious decisions and spend money reasonably should pay attention
to factors that determine prices:

  • Type of the healthcare system facility: a private praxis, academic or university hospital.
  • Type of the medical procedure: conservative treatment, surgery, rehabilitation.
  • Medical degree of a physician: doctor of medicine, professor, resident, etc.
  • Age of a patient.
  • The severity of the medical condition and necessity of staying in
    the intensive care unit.
  • Presence of concomitant diseases.
  • The total duration of the medical program (in inpatient or rehabilitation programs).
  • For in-patients: single or double room, accommodation for an accompanying person.

Do not forget about additional expenses

in Germany and in your native country is not always possible as the required procedure or medicine can be available only abroad. However, a medical traveler
should keep in mind additional non-medical expenses. The main of them include:

  • Arranging passport and visa.
  • Translating necessary medical reports into German.
  • Booking tickets.
  • Planning transfer from the airport to the hotel or clinic.
  • For outpatients: accommodation and meals, the daily fare for the trip to the clinic and back.
  • For all patients: accommodation and meals for an accompanying person.
  • Interpreter services during communication with medical personnel.
  • Purchasing of the required medications.
  • Personal expenses.

How can I reduce the cost of the trip?

If the organizational costs and preliminary calculation are not acceptable for you, it is possible to cut down certain expenses:

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  • Wait for a discount while booking tickets or accommodation.
  • Elaborate budget trip plan (please, pay attention to the patient’s health state while doing this).
  • Translate medical reports by yourself, if you are good with medical German.
  • Share a room with another patient while staying in the clinic (the double room is always cheaper).
  • Communicate with medical personnel without an interpreter, when possible.

Quality of treatment is the last thing you should save on. Choosing hospital only due to low price for medical services may lead to inappropriate therapy result. Beyond all doubt, check-up or treatment of the widespread health condition can be perfectly performed in each hospital of Germany. The same time, treatment of life-threatening, severe or rare conditions is better performed in the specialized institutions.

Receiving medical services in Germany without any

The easiest way to for a reasonable price is to use the help of Booking Health. For a person, without relevant international experience, it is impossible to foresee all
the expenses and organizational issues. Booking Health is an expert in medical tourism and international quality control certificate ISO 9001:2015 confirms this additionally.

Specialists in Booking Health:

  • Give advice on hospital and physician selection.
  • Book appointment or arrange admission to hospital.
  • Make you familiar with the preliminary medical program.
  • Exclude overpricing and additional fees (saving up to 50%).
  • Support you 24/7 during the medical program; provide you with additional monitoring by independent experts.
  • Assist in buying and forwarding novel medicines.
  • Keep in touch with your physician after the program completion; arrange follow-up tests and distant consultations.
  • Implement financial control; ensure returning of the unspent funds to your bank account.
  • Assist in booking appropriate accommodation, tickets, transfer.

Your first step to receiving treatment in Germany is leaving the request on the Booking Health website.

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